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The MHC-EC78Pi is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony.

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380W RMS (190W per channel)

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still looks unassuming considering its power

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smaller than the more powerful MHC-EC98Pi

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remote can control iPod functions

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only space for a single CD

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not any superior to the MHC-EC68Pi besides the iPod controlling remote and stronger speakers

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larger than the less powerful MHC-EC68Pi

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doesn't have a dedicated subwoofer like the more powerful MHC-EC98Pi

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The MHC-EC78Pi is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony. Featuring a CD player, an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, two 190W speakers, an iPod dock, 3.5mm auxiliary input, and 7 preset EQ settings, the MHC-EC68Pi can read home-burned MP3 CDs as well as the regular factory pressed CDs you buy at the store. The MHC-EC78Pi's remote control can also control any docked iPod. Intended for those who often listen to their music loudly on in larger spaces, the MCH-EC78Pi is stronger than the smaller models. The added remote iPod functionality is also good for those who intend to use the system from a distance.

  • CD player can play both regular CD and home-burned MP3 CDs, AM/FM radio with 30 presets, iPod dock, AUX in for use with PCs and portable media players
  • 1.5" (4 cm) tweeters with 5" (13cm) woofers - 190W per channel
  • 7 preset EQ settings for better sounding music based on type
  • headphone jack for personal listening
  • remote control with iPod controls
  • clock functionality
  • Dimensions & Weight: 220 x 350 x 220 (WHD) (speakers x 2);  200 x 306 x 415 (WHD) (main unit), 3.5 kg (speakers x 2);  6 kg (main unit)
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04/06/2009 02:09

I just bought this and so far, I am pretty impressed with it for the price. There is so much more clarity in comparison to the 300w RCA that was sitting next to this model.....w/ only a $10 price difference. I completely didn't hesitate to drop the extra $10 for the better sound. I've NEVER had issues with a Sony ANYTHING and this is no exception.

Yes, a single stall CD player, but this is NO surprise. Our world is going DIGITAL and even the model up from this (w/ the subwoofer) is only one CD.

It is also my first system with an iPod dock and that sucker cranks it out like CD quality with just as much power as the FM/CD option(s).

Is it comparing to one of those $600-$800 systems??? Of course not!!! It's not supposed to!!! But I guarantee that if you live in an apartment, your neighbor won't be happy if you turn it up too loud...because it does have the output w/ the clear and crisp sound.

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