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The MHC-EC55 is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony.

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affordable price for good sounding speakers

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can read MP3 cds

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good stereo separation with detachable speakers

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Has audio input, to connect an MP3 player or cassette player

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does not look too gaudy like some other shelf units

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3 CDs is all you need

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small unit is unassuming and easy to manage compared to many shelf systems

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stopped recognizing CDs after about 9 months of use

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While few others offer it, a USB input for thumbdrives or a flashdrive slot to play MP3s would have been an excellent additional feature.

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Although the sound quality is good, it would still be better with a more solid speaker construction instead of just compressed sawdust.

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looks a little cheap compared to other Sony units

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The MHC-EC55 is a mini hi-fi stereo system from Sony. Featuring a 3-CD changer, an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets, two 65W speakers, a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and 4 preset EQ settings, the MHC-EC55 can read home-burned MP3 CDs as well as the regular factory pressed CDs you buy at the store. Smaller and less obtrusive than larger models, the MHC-EC55 is designed for small to medium sized rooms. The only model without an iPod dock, the MHC-EC55 compensates by allowing multiple CDs for the consumer who does not subscribe to the latest digital media and who does not desire or find use for the power of larger more expensive units.

  • 3 CD changer (can play both regular CD and home-burned MP3 CDs), AM/FM radio with 30 presets, AUX in for use with PCs and portable media players
  • 2" (5 cm) speakers with 6.3" (16cm) woofers - 65W per channel
  • 4 preset EQ settings for better sounding music based on type
  • headphone jack for personal listening
  • remote control
  • clock functionality
  • Dimensions & Weight: W 9 1/16" x H 13 7/12" x D 9 1/4" (230 x 345 x 235mm) (speakers x 2);  W 11" x H 12 4/5" x D 16 13/14" (280 x 325 x 430mm) (main unit), 8 lbs 6 oz (3.8 Kg) (speakers x 2);  22 lbs 1 oz (10 Kg) (main unit)
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02/01/2013 05:38

Not true! This stereo was released on March or April 2007 along with Mhc ec77 and Mhc gx99, replacing Mhc gx470. There is also a version of this with a subwoofer called Mhc gnz444d, but I'm not sure if it was released alongside ec55, ec77, and gx99 on the same date.
-Angie Le

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