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Sony LBT-ZX80D is a high performance unit and a manufacturer flagship intended for a very specific purpose.

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audio quality is clear and crips, great definition

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capable of very loud output, enough to entertain the neighbors

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outputs very powerful bass, will rattle windows

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control design is intuitive and easy for visitors to understand

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interface with iPods is fast and gives full access to contents

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remote is a little confusing, iPod advance key is tiny and mixed in with other stuff

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can't push all speakers to their capacity, system's total output is capped at 800Watts RMS

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subwoofer starts to sound very muffled at higher volumes

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Sony LBT-ZX80D is a high performance unit and a manufacturer flagship intended for a very specific purpose. This model functions as an entertainment tool used during parties or other large social gatherings. The most notable feature is the speaker system, supported by four 2-Way Bass Reflex Type speakers. The amplifier powers these speakers for a total power of 800W. With proper speaker placement, the X-Trance creates sound effects and Dolby Digital Pro Logic ll enhances the surround sound. An additional feature which places the LBT-ZX80D apart from the rest is the D-Light Sync out connection, intended to sync music rhythm with a lighting pattern and the DVD Karaoke Mode. Sony has given this unit the ability to read DVD, Audio CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 or DivX CDs, through the High Power Mini Hi-Fi 3 disc shelf system. From Karaoke parties to DVD viewing with surround sound, Sony LBT-ZX80D has a wide range of performance tools.  

  • Four 2 Way Bass Reflex Type speakers
  • 800W
  • 3-Disc DVD Changer
  • Dolby Pro Logic ll Surroung Sound
  • Karaoke Mode, D-Light Sync, X-Round and X-Beat
  • Progressive Scan Tuning
  • 30 station preset FM-AM tuner
  • Digital Amplifier
  • Remote Commander
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12/27/2010 12:44

Where can you buy the sony lbt-zx80d in Australia?

03/22/2009 04:16

this is the beast player i have ever seen,and i buy it as soon as i can$$$$!!!

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