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Sony LBT-ZX6 is the entry model for Sony’s high-end mini systems.

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built-in equalizer presets offer many options that bring out the details of the sound well

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enough power output to fill most spaces in a home, will rarely need to set it past 2/3 volume

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comes in just 3 pieces, easy to place and hook up

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maintains clarity at higher volumes

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controls are all user-friendly, easy to work with, no real learning curve

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strong bass stays clear throughout the range

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Proprietary speaker connectors, expensive to replace

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larger shelf unit, very tall and wide, need to ensure that there's room for it

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Sony LBT-ZX6 is the entry model for Sony’s high-end mini systems. Although the LBT-ZX6 is an entry unit, its features are anything but basic, completely separating it from the CMT line of mini systems produced by Sony. The LBT line provides a large bundle of features intended for a demanding and serious audio media user. To start, the speaker system involves two 3-way Hybrid Dual Woofer speakers that punch out 270w each for a total power of 540W. Additionally, the amplifier uses Variable Attenuation Control System (VACS) for an enhanced experience if the volume is at a high level.  The LBT-ZX6 does not have a superb range of media playback like the entry model LBT-ZT4, however what it does playback it does so with strength.  The 5 disc changer with a tray/turn table design plays CD-R/RW and MP3 files with Mini Hi-Fi Component System.  The LBT-ZX6 is also equipped with a Dual Cassette Deck. Lastly, the Game Sync Mixing links with A/V inputs that so that game audio may be mixed with a CD, tape or the tuner.       

  • Two 3 Way Hybrid Dual 5`` Woofer Speakers
  • VACS technology for enhanced sound reproduction
  • 5 disc tray style CD changer
  • Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 file playback
  • Dual Cassette Player  
  • 30 Station preset AM-FM tuner
  • Analog Audio Input-Output, Component Video (Y,PB,PR) Output, Composite Video, Microhpone input, Optical Audio Output
  • Game Sync Mixing
  • Remote Control
  • FL display
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