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The four 2-Way Bass Reflex speakers punch out 1000W produced by the amplifier.

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speakers are simple to setup, plug into the obvious place

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powerful enough bass to shake the walls

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remote covers a wide range of functions, good access to controls

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good definition in the mids and highs, clear and rich sounding

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bass range is limited when Groove effect used, gets thumpy and poorly defined

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too large and deep to fit on a shelf comfortably, need to think ahead about installation

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bass can often overwhelm other sounds in the music, needs to be switched to "flat" in the EQ

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tape system opens up at the top, so you can't place the unit up high

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Sony produces the LBT-ZUX9 as the premium model for party entertainers looking for high performance and compact size in a shelf system. The four 2-Way Bass Reflex speakers punch out 1000W produced by the amplifier. Z-Groove, MP3 Booster and X-Trance Pro are audio enhancing features which can be used to create unique party experiences. The D-Light Sync is another party feature which focuses on coupling music rhythm with light patters. Media can be received from a variety of sources, such as the 3-Disc CD changer, USB Port, Dual Cassette Deck or AM/FM Tuner. The CD player can read CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs, while the USB port also records utilizing the USB memory. Additional features include FL display for better resolution on information displayed, and the Built-in Lighting Effects which flash according to the beat of music playing.      

  • CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 CD playback
  • USB port and USB Memory
  • Dual Cassette Deck
  • Four 2-Way Bass Reflex Speakers
  • 1000W of total power
  • Audio Enhancements (Z-Groove, MP3 Booster, X-Trance Pro)
  • D-Light Sync
  • FL Display and Built-in Lighting effects
  • Remote Control
  • FM-AM Tuner
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10/13/2011 04:49

Where the hell can you find this in Virginia?

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