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Sony LBT-ZT4 is the entry model for Sony’s high-end mini systems.

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3-CD changer

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iPod support

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can play back MP3 CDs

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includes remote control

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easy to use

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very powerful

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quite large

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who has cassettes?

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Sony LBT-ZT4 is the entry model for Sony’s high-end mini systems. Although the LBT-ZT4 is an entry unit, its features are anything but basic, completely separating it from the CMT line of mini systems produced by Sony. The LBT line provides a large bundle of features intended for a demanding and serious audio media user. To start, the speaker system involves two 3-way Hybrid Dual Woofer speakers that punch out 180w each, alongside a subwoofer which adds 180w, for a total of 540W. Additionally, the amplifier also uses cinema surround sound for an enhanced experience. The LBT-ZT4 has a large range of playback media potential, starting with the supplied TMD-ip10 Digital Media Port accessory allowing for plug-and-play of an iPod. The 3 disc changer plays CD-R/RW and MP3 files, while the USB allows not only for playback, but also recording capabilities of CD’s and other audio sources. Rounding out the LBT-ZT4 playback arsenal is a single Cassette Deck. Lastly, the MP3 booster helps improve the sound of compressed audio sources and the Z-Groove technology pumps up the bass for a rich deep sound.      

  • Digital Media Terminal (iPod playback)
  • 540w of total power
  • 3-way Hybrid Dual Woofer Speakers
  • 3 Disc Elevator design
  • DVD, VCD, CD-RW, CD-R, and MP3 playback
  • USB port with recording memory
  • Cassette Deck
  • FM-AM Tuner
  • Cinema Surround Sound
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