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It comes with two 2-way bass reflex 20 watt speakers in oak veneer finish and a silver metal encased head unit.

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sound is clear and well defined

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enough power output for small to medium sized rooms

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sync recording from CD to MiniDisc is a one-button operation, very simple

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Shortwave and mediumwave versions

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remote control is awkwardly designed, layout is way too complex

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has a hard time reading CD-Rs

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clock has no battery backup, system no good for wake-ups

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difficult to find mini-disc replacements, not a widely supported standard

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sound cuts out when switching between EQ presets

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The Sony DHC-MD333 Executive Microsystem is a remote controlled bookshelf audio system released around the year 2000 that features a CD player and optional cassette player, as well as the now antiquated MiniDisc format which can be synced to record directly from radio or CD with track editing and on the fly track naming. It comes with two 2-way bass reflex 20 watt speakers in oak veneer finish and a silver metal encased head unit, and also offers a choice of either short wave or medium wave radio with 20 user defined FM and 10 AM station presets. Built-in digital equalizer has 5 presets including rock, pop, classic, dance(surround) and jazz(surround), and a user adjustable flat eq setting for individual taste. On back are audio inputs and outputs via rca connector, AM/FM aerial input and bus connector for the optional TC-TX333 cassette deck. Recording options included timer set recording for catching your favorite radio programs, and it can also be set to wake you up with either CD, MD or radio.

  • RMS Output: 25 + 25 watts
  • Peak musical output: 400 watts
  • Audio in/out: phono jack
  • Heaphones: stereo mini jack
  • Medium and Short Wave Models Available
  • Compact disc
  • MiniDisc with 74 minutes recording time/editing/track naming/CD sync
  • Included: AM loop aerial, FM lead aerial, 2 AA batteries, remote control
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