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Sony CMT-BX5BT an entry unit mini system with one added feature, being the Bluetooth Stereo Music Streamer.

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Separate volume settings for the alarm function.

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Subtle, pleasing visual aesthetic (a nice change from many other flashily-designed shelf systems).

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Included remote is simple, well laid-out and easy to use.

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Crisp audio reproduction and capable of playing very loudly for a shelf system.

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Bluetooth functionality is somewhat limited (works more like a pair of Bluetooth headphones when syncing with a PC).

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Remote's sensor is a bit insensitive, must be pointed directly at the receiver to work well.

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Main unit buttons are small, poorly laid-out and require a pretty firm press to work.

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Sony CMT-BX5BT an entry unit mini system with one added feature, being the Bluetooth Stereo Music Streamer. Sony labels the CMT-BX5BT as a Bluetooth Micro-Component system, however this capability is only made possible with the optional Bluetooth adapter which is sold separately. With the adapter, this unit can then stream music from a Bluetooth enabled PC, Sony Ericsson phone or MP3 player.  The front loading single disc player accommodates CD-R/RW discs and it also decodes MP3 files. The CMT-BX5BT can also be coupled with a PC through the 2.5mm jack, allowing for a plug-and-play experience. The speaker potential is what should be expected from an entry model, with a total output power of 30W coming from a Bass Reflex Type Full Range speaker system. Other notable features include the 30-preset FM/AM tuner, LCD display, and an internal clock allowing for timed events (alarm clock). Unless the user is specifically looking for a Bluetooth Stereo, this unit is essentially the same as the CMT-BX1 for $99.95       

  • Bluetooth Stereo Music Steamer via adapter sold separately
  • 2 Bass Reflex Full Range Speaker System
  • Audio CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 playback
  • Audio-in for PC or MP3 players
  • 30 Preset FM/AM Tuner
  • LCD Display
  • Play/Sleep Timer
  • Remote Control
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