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Sony stretches there mini shelf system to mid-level with the CMT-BX50BTi.

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Overall sound quality is excellent - frequency range is clear and balanced amongst radio, CD and mp3 player content alike

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Bluetooth pairing is easy to configure and very reliable - stored content and internet radio streaming are provided with little to no latency

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Removable speaker design enables full user customization - improves unit longevity in case of mechanical failure

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Front -mounted auxiliary input enables quick connectivity of external devices - Mp3 players, smartphones and other non-iDevices are fully supported

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Compact design fits comfortably within a cabinet or bookshelf display - ideal for providing ambient room entertainment without occupying a large footprint

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Lacks a dedicated mute button - puts unit at an extreme disadvantage as compared to similar models at or below the price point

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Matte/gloss black finish makes labels and button prompts difficult to read - new users may require a flashlight each time they operate the unit

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Sony stretches there mini shelf system to mid-level with the CMT-BX50BTi. Essentially, this is a unit built around an iPod docking system. Sony’s lower end mini systems do not come equipped with iPod playback but in the CMT-BX50BTi this feature is integrated for connect and play simplicity. Additionally, Bluetooth technology can be used when matched with the adapter (sold separately) allowing to stream music from a PC, mobile phone or MP3 player. The rest of this unit is identical to the CMT-BX20i which features an increase in power, 50W for the Full Range Speaker System. The single disc CD player, reads Audio-CD’s, CD-R/RW and MP3 files, made standard on all Sony models. AM/FM signal is received by Superheterodyne Tuner and comes with 30 station presets. Lastly, information is displayed by Fluorescent technology and a remote control is provided.    

  • Bluetooth communication
  • iPod Docking system
  • Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 playbck
  • 50W total power
  • Full Range Speaker System (2 speakers)
  • Superheterodyne Tuner with 30-presets
  • Remote Control
  • Audio-in port
  • FL Display
  • Timer Events
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