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Take this portable AM/FM radio with you wherever you want to enjoy good old live radio.

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Take this portable AM/FM radio with you wherever you want to enjoy good old live radio. Also perfect for sever weather conditions or power outages. Perfect for the garage, porch, or anywhere around the house, this handy portable radio delivers crisp sound and simplified controls. The built-in carrying handle makes it convenient to carry and the illuminated LED tuner makes finding the right station fast and easy--even in low light.

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  • AM/FM portable radio
  • Tone control switch
  • Large built-in speaker/Earphone jack
  • Battery Type: "AA" x 4 batteries (optional)
  • LED tuning indicator
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Pocket Size for Portable Use

The ultra-compact design slips easily into shirt or jacket pocket or handbag for convenience and portability. The built-in 3-5/8" speaker lets you share radio programming with those around you, such as the office or your next tailgate party, or use the earphone jack for private listening enjoyment and improved sound clarity in noisy environments.

Four AA batteries (not included) offer up to 80 hours of battery life for extended play.

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AM/FM Tuner with Telescopic Antenna

The AM/FM tuner lets you choose from the wide range of free music, talk shows, sports, and other programming. The telescoping antenna ensures increased range and solid reception. The LED tuning indicator helps provide precise station tuning even in dim light.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with the AC plug?

    Yes, the AC line cord is attached. No transformer is needed. It's stored in the battery compartment.

  • Does it have a headphone jack?

    Yes, the headphone jack is located under the volume knob. it only provides mono sound (one ear), but it works fine if you don't need stereo.

  • How many and what size batteries?

    The radio takes 4 each of the AA size batteries or you can use it plugged in.

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