Powerful, Hi-Res audio playback meets flexible memory capacity (up to 192GB) , ultra-long 50-hour (MP3) battery life.

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Powerful, Hi-Res audio playback meets flexible memory capacity (up to 192GB), ultra-long 50-hour (MP3) battery life, an intuitive user-interface, and cordless Bluetooth audio streaming convenience for a powerful personal audio experience that will breathe new life into your favorite digital music tracks.

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  • 64GB1 Hi-Res Walkman Portable Music Player, Supports Hi-Res audio playback of: WAV, AIFF, ALAC, FLAC, and more, Up to 50 hours MP3 playback and 30-hours Hi-Res playback, Stream music wirelessly with Bluetooth & NFC connections
  • Compact, slim design with microSD slot for up to 192GB memory, Easy navigation of songs & folders, 2.25" WVGA LCD anti-reflective display, Drag & drop from iTunes for Mac or Windows
  • The A17 delivers sound that is up to 6-times the resolution when compared to a standard CD
  • S-Master HX digital amplification for unparalleled sound, Advanced Multimedia UX for AV playback and FM radio, Find music to match your mood with SensMe channels, World's smallest and lightest Hi-Res audio portable music player
  • Borrowing a few tricks from our accomplished ES home audio lineup, the low-impedance circuit board using Sony high-purity lead-free solder ensures efficient, spacious, and natural sound
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this player browse by folder structure, where you have folders within folders?

    Yes, it can browse all the folders saved in it.

  • Does it have a sleep timer (go to sleep in 30min.)? Does it have stop/play and FF external buttons?

    This Walkman doesn't have sleep timer however it does have stop/play/ff buttons located in front of the unit.

  • Will this take a 128 GB card or is 64 the top end?

    This will accept a 128 GB micro SDXD card, bring the total aMount to 192Gb

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