A moisture-resistant seal keeps sweat out, while you enjoy true-to-life, deep bass sound.

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Perfect for indoor or outdoor training, the wireless one-piece W-Series MP3 Player’s unique spiral form design comfortably stays put and out of the way while you work out. No more tangled headphones. A moisture-resistant seal keeps sweat out, while you enjoy true-to-life, deep bass sound. So you can reach your personal best.

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Key Features

Wearable and Wire-free- This one-piece music player’s unique band comfortably floats on the back of your neck, allowing you to be wire-free, hands-free, and without distraction whether you’re at the gym or outdoors working out.

Water-resistant- The water resistant design is IPx5 rated and holds up to intense workouts.

Drag, drop and go- With a Walkman player, you are never tied to just one music service. Just drag and drop MP3s from iTunes for Windows, Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer and enjoy. Now that’s freedom.

Storage Capacity- The NWZ-W263 series can store hours of music thanks to the internal 4 GB memory.

Quick charge battery- Use the included USB cable to get up to 60 minutes of use on just 3 minutes of charge1. With an impressive total battery life of up to 8 hours on a full charge1, the NWZ-W263 is ready when you are.

Navigate your song library- Getting around in your music is simple with the rocker switch. A quick tap changes songs and a tap and hold changes folders while in all play mode. In playlist mode a quick tap changes songs and a tap and hold changes the playlist.

Playlist compatible- Create your favorite playlists in iTunes for Windows or Windows Media Player and drag them to the Walkman player. Use shuffle mode to mix it up.

High Quality Sound- Exclusive Sony Clear Audio Technologies – Clear Stereo and Clear Bass Audio Technologies for deeper, richer sound.

Music to match your pace- Find the perfect music for the moment using the ZAPPIN search feature, allowing you to easily navigate through your song collection by playing back main melodies.

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Color Options

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • White
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Seeking a truly waterproof, sweatproof, wireless --stay in place-- mp3 player or ear buds, does this one nice?

    I have been using the Sony waterproof mp3 player in the pool now for about 3 months and LOVE IT!!!!! The sound quality is great, easy to add music and recharge and the I've only recharged once in the past 3 months. I had looked at the Apple waterproof shuffle, but the price is just too high and you also have to buy waterproof buds separately. Also, the Sony holds more music. A big plus in my book.

  • Is anyone else having problems turning this walkman on and off, plus it will suddenly go into "zap mode" which is very annoying--I use this for...

    The way to turn off the "zapping" mode is to press and hold the play button (right headset, the one on the left head is for shuffle mode.) until you hear the female voice said "Zapping Off". It happens easily at first when you still not use to the buttons, you might have press the play/pause button for too long and trigger the "Zapping" mode. To turn off/on the player, press and hold the square button at the back of the right headset until you hear a "beap". Anyway after you set it to the mode you want and you don't want to accidently alter it while you're exercising or in the pool, you can always slide the lock button up to prevent it.

  • Does anyone use this for regular lap swimming? How well does it work for you ? thanks

    Yes, I use them for daily lap swimming. I swim between 1200 and 2200 yards five days a week. It works well as long as I tuck the wires into my goggle strap and then carefully take my turns. Sometimes, I come off the wall at a weird angle and I do flood my ears which makes it hard to hear. At that point I take them out and swim the rest without them - and then start again with them the next day.

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