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The Sony HT-DDW990 is a value home theater system priced at $299, that is loaded with features.

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Very good price for its specs/quality/features ($299)

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Ample I/O (HDMI x 2, component x 3, digital audio x 3)

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Powered 200 W subwoofer

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Does not process the audio on the HDMI signal

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Does not support 1080p over HDMI

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The Sony HT-DDW990 is a value home theater system priced at $299, that is loaded with features. The standout feature of this system is its HDMI switching capabilities (2 HDMI inputs). This system can deliver up to 900 Watts of total power: 140 Watts from each of the 5 speakers (6 Ohm), and another 200 Watts from the powered subwoofer.

The included A/V receiver has ample inputs and outputs: including 3 component video, 2 HDMI video, 4 composite video, 2 digital optical audio, 1 digital coax audio, and 6 analog audio inputs.

It should be noted that the HDMI standard used on this model only supports up to 1080i and cannot process 1080p HD signals. Also, the receiver does not process the audio portion of HDMI, meaning you have to hook up your audio separately.

Released April, 2007. See the cheaper still Sony HT-DDW790 delivering similar specs (minus HDMI) for $199.

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03/04/2008 12:26

I am on a budget for a HT to go with my 720p panasonic plasma, and I hate the panasonic HTIB bc they all have that dinky dvd/avr combo. However, this avr scares me bc the best buy website says it has 10% distortion at 6 ohms. That's horrendous!!! I'd like to hear the system first hand to see how bad the distortion is. I am also looking at a samsung HTIB, ht-as720ST...but I can't find any info on the AVR that is included with that one....the cost is about twice as much. Does anyone know?

05/02/2007 07:26

This looks interesting. I currently have the Sony STR-K660P which works fine for my apartment though I wouldn't mind a unit a little more powerful. Also, having 2 digital optical audio and 1 digital coax audio is a big benefit. The unit I have now doesn't support video though I would only run my video through this system if I was running out of HDMI and Component inputs on my t.v. (which is also Sony). I am getting there though especially if I add an Xbox. I'll keep an eye on this product.

04/28/2007 05:51

This looks like a pretty good choice if you want a good home theater system and you're on a budget. I'm a little confused though by who Sony is targetting. Consumers interested in HDMI likely have spent a couple grand on their HDTV, so why go so cheap for the AVR and speakers?

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