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The DAV-HDX587WC is a mid-range model in Sony's BRAVIA line of home theater systems.

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High frequency range is exceptional - plays back explosions, rattling, breaking glass and brass instruments with clarity and definition

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Subwoofer handles surprisingly well for a non-powered unit - provides round, low-end bass support well-suited to the rest of the mix

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Auto-calibration function is a very convenient feature - uses a built-in microphone to "listen" to the user's surrounding environment and make changes accordingly

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iPod dock fully support newer and older-generation models alike - also supports many in-app music services including Pandora, Spotify, and more

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Excellent sound outputting at the price point - audio is clear and balanced with a considerably high volume handling

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Excellent low-cost, all-in-one speaker system - surround sound capabilities, output power and versatile connectivity options are major selling points

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Thin, lightweight aesthetic is ideal for smaller room types - minimalist footprint provides versatile placement options and simple rearrangement possibilities

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Unit is somewhat difficult to setup - inexperienced users are likely to resort to professional assistance, while experienced users will need to heavily reference the instruction manual

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The DAV-HDX587WC is a mid-range model in Sony's BRAVIA line of home theater systems. Unlike the HDX285 and HDX585, it not only supports S-AIR technology but includes a wireless speaker for use in other rooms, specifically targeting those who seek expandable multi-room listening capabilities in a surround sound system. The 1000W, 5.1-channel system retains the HDX585's floor-standing speakers, and also features a 5-disc CD/DVD changer, an iPod dock for easy music playback in surround sound, and 1080p DVD upscaling via HDMI, for enhanced picture quality. Among other features is a Night Mode which makes some dialogue easier to hear. Additionally, an included calibration wizard aims to simplify the process of installing a home theater system. The next model up, the HDX589W, includes an S-AIR receiver and amp for the rear speakers, so that they work wirelessly right out of the box.

  • 5.1-channel surround sound
  • 1000 W total output power
  • S-AIR compatibility (includes wireless speaker/receiver)
  • 5-disc CD/DVD changer
  • iPod dock
  • Floor-standing speakers
  • MP3 playback
  • 1080p DVD upscaling
  • Video inputs: 1 x HDMI, 1 x component, 1 x composite
  • Night Mode
  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration
  • Digital Media Port
  • BRAVIA Sync
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