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This model is sturdy and armour plated, however it looks elegant.

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images have rich colors and deep black levels, everything is well detailed and solid

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upscales DVDs gracefully, makes SD video look nearly HD

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SACD playback takes full advantage of the format's ability to output rich, full audio

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plenty of ports for all kinds of devices, excellent compatibility

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design is elegant and sleek, doesn't just look like a random piece of electronics

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heavy-duty construction of the case is reassuring of quality

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no support for compressed video file formats such as DivX or WMA

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Sony DVP-NS9100ES DVD Player

A new product has been added in Sony’s ‘ES’ range, the NS9100ES is the Sony’s recent flagship DVD player in the market.

Physical Aspects

This model is sturdy and armour plated, however it looks elegant.


The DVP-NS9100ES offers advanced features permitting HD up scaling via HDMI output with 720p and 1080i options. Sporting a set of progressive scan options, you can deal with different types of sources. The player is compatible to JPEG, MP3 CDs, however DIVX, WMA and playing DVD audio are exceptions.


You can connect video via an HDMI output combining two scarts, component video inputs, S-video and composite video outputs. Two link ports that transfer SACD’s DSD signals offer high end audio. In addition, there are both optical and electrical digital audio outputs and a set of 5.1 channel outputs.

Image and Audio

The NS9100ES offers clarity pictures with rich colours and profound black levels. The background detailing seems appealing. The pictures are up scaled with 1080i/720p that makes the picture rich and lively. The audio is very clear and accurate. Audio jitter is low.

If you are a person not requiring high-resolution audio compatibility, Sony DVP-NS9100ES is your right choice.

General Features

•    Weight – 10.5kg
•    Dimensions – 430(W) x 390(D) x 125 (H) mm

Key Features

•    Progressive Scan – 480p and 576p
•    Video Scaling  - 720p/1080i
•    Multiregion – Region 2
•    S-Video – 1 output
•    Component – 1 output
•    Composite Video – 1 output
•    5.1 phono output provided
•    Scart – 2 (1RGB)
•    HDMI – 1 HDMI
•    Digital Audio – Electrical and optical options

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