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The Sony TCM-200DV is a Cassette Recorder with Dual Power Source released in 2006.

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excellent value for the price, hard to find one at this quality in the same range

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will last for many years without showing signs of wear or any loss in performance, very reliable

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feels very light weight, not a real burden to carry

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sound output is clear and distortion free, minimizes tape hiss

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durably constructed so you can take it anywhere and not worry about bumps or the occasional drop

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recording quality is excellent, can pick up what's being said very clearly

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batteries last for months at a time

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looks a little clunky, not a very sleek design

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The Sony TCM-200DV is a Cassette Recorder with Dual Power Source released in 2006. It has a double recording time feature so that users can record for 180 minutes on a 90 minute tape. It also has a useful feature called voice operated recording, where it only records if there is audible sound, and pauses when there is no sound (this feature alone could justify its $15 increase in price over the Sony TCM-150 Cassette Recorder). It also has the clear voice feature that results in lower distortion with a high power amplifier output (350mW). It also has all the typical features one would expect from a practical voice recorder: built in mic, battery indicator, large front speaker, and playback speed control.

  • Double Recording Time(2x): lets you record 180 minutes on a 90 minute cassette
  • Voice Operated Recording (VOR): starts recording when there‚Äôs sound and pauses when there is silence
  • Clear Voice Feature: for low-distortion reproduction with high-power amplifier output (350mW)
  • Easy One-Touch Recording: lets you push one button for record and play
  • LED Battery Indicator: lets you know how much battery life you have left
  • Large Front Speaker: quickly, and easily review your recordings
  • Built-In Microphone: start recording instantly, without having to connect a microphone
  • Microphone Jack/Earphone Jack: improve your recordings with an external microphone, or listen to your recordings in privacy with an earphone
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