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The Sony S-AIR Wireless Surround Speaker Unit is exactly what is sounds like.

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very simple setup, automatically detected by the Sony system and just starts working as soon as it is plugged in to power

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provides an additional headphone jack for comfortable listening without having to run a long headphone cable across the room

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transmission quality is good, no distortion noticeable

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product is discontinued, will see an end to its support soon

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depending on the frequencies used, some report interference with WiFi signals and cordless phones

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also requires wireless access through your Sony device, which generally isn't included and requires an additional adapter

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the included instructions make setup more complicated and confusing than it needs to be

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The Sony S-AIR Wireless Surround Speaker Unit is exactly what is sounds like; a single speaker unit that connects wirelessly to a compatible Sony S-AIR BRAVIA home theater system to hlep give surround sound.  This unit eliminates hassle of speaker wires to your rear speakers and is a perfect addition/upgrade to your existing BRAVIA home theater system with S-AIR into a surround sound system.  It is also compatible with the S-AIR ready transmitter (EZW-T100), and can be used to to enjoy your favorite music in any room of your house.  It has 200 watts of power, has a headphone output and there is also an optional wireless surround amplifier and wireless adapter package.

  • Optional wireless surround amplifier and wireless adapter package
  • “S-AIR” Digital Wireless
  • Total 200W RMS
  • “S-MASTER digital amplifier”
  • Headphone out
  • Model Number: WAHT-SA10
  • DAV-HDX285 - BRAVIA Theater System
  • DAV-HDX275 - BRAVIA Theater System
  • DAV-HDX277WC - BRAVIA Theater System
  • STR-DH800 - Home Theater A/V Receiver (7.1-channel)
  • DAV-HDX585 - BRAVIA Theater System
  • EZW-T100 - S-AIR Ready Transmitter
  • DAV-HDX589W - BRAVIA Theater System
  • DAV-HDX587WC - BRAVIA Theater System
  • STR-DH700 - Home Theater A/V Receiver (7.1-channel)
  • BDV-IT1000ES -  5.1-Channel Blu-ray Disc Player Home Theater System
  • DAV-HDX279W - BRAVIA Theater System
  • STR-DG1000 - Home Theater A/V Receiver (7.1 channel)
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