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The Sony HT-CT150 sound bar is a speaker system built to work with the HT-SF470 home theater system.

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well tuned for movies - voices are clear and distinct, even at low volume

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surround effect is clearly audible, simulates rear audio well

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bass is perfectly tuned for tv programming, clear and distortion free with enough power for a small to medium sized room

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3 HDMI inputs- can easily switch between devices

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not suitable for larger rooms, doesn't have the power to fill them

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putting the bar on the floor loses much of the surround effect - need to mount it above the display

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getting the settings right takes a few days of listening andtweaking

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remote works with all Sony products, but no other brands

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The Sony HT-CT150 sound bar is a speaker system built to work with the HT-SF470 home theater system. It produces a total of 340 watts of power via 3 channels and a sub. The design is built to match the look of Sony's 2010 32-inch BRAVIA HDTVs, although it will work with other types of equipment. Features include LPCM, Blu-ray audio via HDMI, a Digital Media Port (with optional iPod bracket), and coax and optical inputs. It is compatible with BRAVIA Sync so that it can be controlled from a single remote.

  • 340 watts of power
  • Design matches Sony's 2010 32-inch BRAVIA HDTVs
  • Lossless linear pulse code modulation (LPCM)
  • Blu-ray audio via HDMI
  • BRAVIA Sync
  • Digital Media Port
  • Coax, Optical inputs
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03/19/2011 07:32

sub-woofer ridiculously huge + heavy as big as a mini-tower.. did sony design this when they were drunk or high-? soundbar conceived almost as an afterthought, very cheesy. checked out a bunch of these soundbar sets, various brands.. judging from demonstrations, beginning to believe these mid-priced subwoofers included do not justify the hefty price tags. suggestion: unless you absolutely must have window-rattling bass, just stick to a soundbar w/out the lame subwoofer - you're better off.

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