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Geared especially for users who prefer not to mess with complicated multi-channel surround-sound setups.

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audio quality is high enough to clearly hear dialog without having to turn it up

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bass is loud, brings out big sound effects in movies

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setup is simple, everything is well labeled and there aren't many wires

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outputs to a variety of cable formats for any display

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low profile form factor, everything stays out of the way

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wireless adapter is reliable, never drops in the middle of streaming

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enough volume to fill small and medium sized rooms

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bass is a bit boomy, details tend to wash out a little

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The Sony BDV-F7 is a special 3D Blu-ray-disc compatible, sound bar home theater system designed to deliver quality audio alongside blu-ray video content. Geared especially for users who prefer not to mess with complicated multi-channel surround-sound setups, the BDV-F7 features a 3D blu-ray player, a sound bar, and a 6-3/8" Bass Reflex subwoofer. The system itself is not wireless, which means pesky cords are required. However, the Blu-ray player / receiver comes with a wireless adapter for streaming audio/video content from an DLNA-compatible computer. Plus there’s a USB port for acquiring content from an iPod, digital camera, MP3 player, or thumb drive. There are also a plethora of audio/input ports for connecting to multitude of additional devices, including an HDTV.

  • Compact / Non-Complicated Home Theater System
  • 3D Blu-ray Disc Player/Receiver
  • Soundbar & Subwoofer Speakers
  • Gracenote Metadata Service
  • Cross Search
  • Dolby TrueHD / dts Master Audio Codecs
  • Internet Ready for DLNA Streaming
  • Included Wi-Fi Adapter
  • iPod-Compatible USB Interface
  • Supports 3D BD, BD, DVD, CD, MP3 CD, JPEG CD
  • Stereo, Coaxial Digital, and Optical Digital Audio Inputs
  • Composite, Component, and HDMI Video Outputs
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