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The V1 headphones are designed much differently than the conventional earbuds.

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bass range is well represented and resonant

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clear and vibrant with realistic treble

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definition in the audio is excellent, sound like speakers

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can be turned up fairly loud without distortions

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feel comfortable on your ears without getting too hot

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doesn't block out external noises at all

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not capable of very deep bass range representation

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leak sound badly, everyone around you can hear what you're listening to clearly

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The Sony PFR-V1 is a high-end set of digital surround stereo headphones with a Supra-Aural based design (rests lightly on the ear) to provide excellent listening comfort. The V1 headphones are designed much differently than the conventional earbuds; two orb shaped personal speakers are mounted on the headset, angled slightly towards the ear to provide seperate bass and mid treble frequencies. According to Sony the PFR-V1 headphones are a "revolutionary" product designed to take the field of headphones in a completely new direction. Sony also claims the headphones are designed to take any music or gaming experience "to the next level with crisp audio and maximum comfort". The seemingly unorthodox design adds many new features such as the full open sound design that doesn't deliver the normal ear pressure that standard headphones usually do, a concert hall like sound experience, and an advanced Bass Reflux duct that allows audiophiles to "feel" incredible bass without the need for high volumes. The PFR-V1 headset provides an "ultra large" 21mm driver for high quality sound. The PFR-V1 headphone set features a frequency response of 35Hz to 25,000Hz providing a maximum impedance of 16 ohms. The PFR-V1 headset also includes additional features such as Neodymium magnets, a listed battery life of 200 hours with standard AAA batteries, and an included 3M extension cord and carrying case. The Sony PFR-V1 headphone set was released in April, 2008 and has an MSRP of $399.99, which is listed on the official Sony website.

Key Specs
  • Over the ear, Supra-Aural (rests lightly on the ear) design
  • Personal field speakers in a "revolutionary" design
  • Seperation of bass and mid treble frequencies for a "concert-hall" like sound experience
  • Don't deliver the normal pounding ear pressure that most headphone earbuds do
  • Advance Bass Reflux duct for deep "feeling" bass without the need for high volumes
  • Included Accessories: Booster (BAM-P1), Extension cord (3 m), Stereo 2-way plug (stereo phone plug stereo mini jack), Carrying case, Earpads
  • Weight (Approx.): Speakers: 3.39oz (96g) Booster: 1.35oz (38g)
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz - 25,000Hz
  • Driver Unit: 21mm
  • Impedance: 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB/mW
  • Battery Life: (AAA) up to 200 hours playing time
  • Power Handling Capacity : 50mW
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Release Date: April, 2008
  • MSRP: $399.99
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