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The MDR-XB41EX ear-buds also include a 100mW maximum supported power input, a 16 ohm impedance rating.

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Very good price point for the quality.

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Very steady, solid bass quality.

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deep well defined bass

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Unique design available with a few colour options.

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Highs stand out well and ring true with no distortion.

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Neutral mids that sit well in the mix.

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Very good passive noise isolation performance.

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Needs a fair amount of burn in before the bass performance real shines through.

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harsh highs

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The Sony MDR-XB41EX is a mid-grade pair of ear-buds are designed to provide a more enhanced treble and bass quality which is delivered through a lower overall frequency response rating. The XB41EX ear-buds are also available in a multitude of various color schemes and body styles which include Black, Red, Blue and Brown.

Like the MDR-XB1000 model headphones, the MDR-XB41EX ear-buds feature a low frequency response range (4Hz-24KHz) which Sony claims will provide a more enhanced sound quality. The MDR-XB41EX ear-buds also include a 100mW maximum supported power input, a 16 ohm impedance rating, and a 103dB sensitivity level. On top of the aforementioned specs the MDR-XB41EX ear-buds will include a .53" diameter driver unit in each ear-piece which is housed in an exterior also covered by fully replaceable ear pads.

Compared to the lower end MDR-XB21EX model ear-buds, the MDR-XB41EX model includes much larger diameter driver units, a lower frequency response rating, and a more expensive price tag.

The $119 listed MSRP is an estimate, the final listing price may not reflect this estimate. The MDR-XB41EX ear-buds were released alongside the Sony MDR-XB1000 around ear headset and lower end MDR-XB21EX earbuds and are currently only available in Japan.



  • Mid-grade Ear-bud Style Headphones
  • Low Frequency Response (4Hz-24KHz)
    • Encourages Enhanced Treble and Louder Bass
  • 100mW Maximum Supported Power Input
  • 16 OHM Total Impedance Rating
  • 103dB Sensitivity Level
  • Two .53" Diameter Driver Units (1 Per Ear)
  • Replaceable Ear-bud Covers
  • 3.94 Foot Cable Length
  • 3.5mm (1/8") Standard Headphone Connector
  • Currently Only Available In Japan
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