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The Sony MDR-NC60 are over-the-head style headphones designed specifically for noise cancellation.

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Very sleek and stylish

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Above average noise canceling function

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Great case that comes with it

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Easy to access controls on the bottom of the headphones

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A little bulky for travel

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Low frequency response

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The Sony MDR-NC60 are over-the-head style headphones designed specifically for noise cancellation.  The headphones feature large 40 mm driver units combined with Neodymium magnets to reproduce strong bass and clear treble sound.  They are capable of blocking up to 85% of external noise with a range of active noise attenuation of more than 16.5dB at 200Hz.  The MDR-NC60 are designed with an adjustable, foldable headband, swiveling earcups, and have padded ear cushions for additional comfort.  The 5 ft single-sided detachable cord has a built-in battery box with an on/off switch for controlling the noise cancelling feature.  The battery life of the unit is approximately 30 hours and although a battery is required when using noise cancellation the headphones can still be used without a battery.  The headphones are a step-up from Sony's MDR-NC40 headphones since they block a higher percentage of external noise, have swivelling earcups and an adjustable headband, and have a single-sided detachable cord.  They also have a built-in monitor switch to mute the headphones which the MDR-NC40s lack.

  • Noise cancelling
  • Range of active noise attenuation: More than 16.5dB at 200Hz
  • Audio pass through even without battery (no noise cancellation without battery)
  • 40 mm driver units
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Comes with in-line battery box with control to turn off noise cancelling
  • Built-in monitor switch to mute the headphones
  • Swiveling earcups and adjustable, foldable headband
  • Comes with travel case
  • Padded ear cushions
  • Single-sided detachable cord
  • Battery life: up to 30 hrs
  • Cord length: 1.5m
  • Frequency response: 14Hz - 22kHz
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07/01/2010 04:12

I guess no noise canceling headphone can completely get all background noise out. But when I'm riding on a train it is great for eliminating the sound of the tracks. But when the conductor comes over the mic, you definitely hear it.

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