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The Sony MDR-NC300D Earbuds are high end digital noise canceling earphones.

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many included accessories - carrying case, numerous ear pads, flight adapter etc.

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solid noise-canceling performance - 3 individual modes for different scenarios

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L-shaped plug prevents unnecessary wear on the input end

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automatic noise canceling modes can switch on the fly during use

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no passive mode - requires battery power to function

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skullcandy are way better

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thin, flexible cabling - very prone to tangling

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short battery life - only about 15 hours

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overly crisp sound - poor mid-range performance

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The Sony MDR-NC300D Earbuds are high end digital noise canceling earphones.  The MDR-NC300D is equipped with digital signal processing technology that eliminates up to 98.4 percent of ambient noise from your environment.  A built in monitor function on the controller also allows the user to hear surrounding sound or conversation without removing the earbuds.

The unit runs on a single AA battery which means it doesn't drain the power from an iPod or similar media device.  Other notable features of the MDR-NC300D are the integrated S-master amplifier, 16mm diameter drivers for each earbud, and three separate noise canceling modes.  The noise canceling modes allow the user to adjust the unit to their environment such as general, planes, and cars/buses.

  • vertical in-ear style housing and 7 ear pad sizes for a personalized fit
  • 16mm driver units
  • selectable sound mode
  • reduces up to 98.4 percent ambient noise
  • auto selects the optimal noise canceling mode
  • operates on a single AA battery for up to 16 hours
  • Approx 1.5m cord length
  • vertical in-ear design earbuds
  • gold plated, L shaped stereo mini plug
  • frequency response 6-24,000HZ
Included in the box
  • carrying case
  • cord adjuster
  • in-flight plug adapter
  • 1 AA battery
  • 7 ear pads
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