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The MDR-NC100D is a pair of in-ear headphones from the Sony company.

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clarity and definition throughout the frequency range is audiophile-quality

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noise cancellation is excellent, generally can't hear anything in the surrounding area

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earbuds tend to stay in your ears very well

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excellent bass response, tight and detailed but can get loud when you want

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inline controls are easy to work with, well placed on the cord

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earbuds stick out of your ears at a funny angle

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bulky volume control, seems larger than necessary

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The MDR-NC100D is a pair of in-ear headphones from the Sony company. Utilizing a slim, ultra-lightweight design, this model features Sony's own Artificial Intelligence noise cancelling technology which claims to reduce ambient noise levels by up to 98 percent. A pair of 13-milimeter drivers are included for smooth frequency balancing with tight bass response, complete with a digital EQ and S-Master amplifier stored within the unit's control interface. Because the headphones so effectively block out environmental sound, users can toggle a monitor function that temporarily disables noise cancellation and uses external microphones to hone in on local speech signals. Users who prefer not to use this feature at all can simply set the unit to passive mode, conserving AAA battery life and providing a more casual listening experience. Three different sizes of ear tips are included for users of all types, with the neck-chain cable featuring OFC Litz wiring for a consistently high signal path. The MDR-NC100D also features an angled 3.5mm stereo plug for reduced strain and accidental removal during on-the-go listening. 

  • Matte black aesthetic 
  • Compact, lightweight design 
  • 13mm drivers 
  • Monitor function and passive modes 
  • AI noise cancelling function 
  • DNC software engine 
  • Includes multiple eartip sizes 
  • Closed-type vertical housings 
  • Digital EQ and S-Master amplifier 
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