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The Sony MDR-J11G are vertical in-the-ear style headphones from Sony's Sports and Active Style line.

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Excellent for exercise applications - provides a tight, secure fit that won't come loose with excessive fast-paced movement

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Volume handling is excellent - headset remains audible down to the lowest-possible level, with powerful distortion-free playback at higher settings

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Ability to hear external/ambient noises significantly improves safety throughout exercise applications - also removes likelihood of "stethoscope effect" caused by cord movement amongst in-ear models

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Integrated shirt clip promotes safety and unit longevity - minimizes residual unit strain, as well as likelihood of getting the cable caught on an external object

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Ear-clip design is functional and ergonomic - angles toward the top part of the ear for comfort and compatibility with eyewear

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Sound quality is more than sufficient at the price point - MP3s, podcasts and audiobooks are played back with considerable clarity and warm, rounded frequencies

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Clip-on design tends to "float" above ear - may not provide sufficient snugness for some users

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The Sony MDR-J11G are vertical in-the-ear style headphones from Sony's Sports and Active Style line.  The headphones feature a 13.5 mm driver unit combined with Neodymium magnets to produce powerful bass and clear sound.  They are designed with a behind-the-ear non-slip clip for a secure fit during sports activities.  The overall design makes them comfortable to wear and still allows the listener to hear external noise while minimizing sound leakage.  The MDR-J11G are water resistant and include seals to protect the headphone's driver.  They have a 4 ft adjustable tangle-free storage cord with an L-shaped stereo plug and an in-line cord clip.  The headphones are similar to Sony's MDR-A35G but the two models differ in that the MDR-A35G has a slim headband and folding design compared to the MDR-J11G's behind-the-ear clips.  The MDR-A35G also includes Sony's Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuitry and Moisture Guard mechanism which the MDR-J11G lacks.

  • 13.5 mm driver unit
  • Vertical in-the-ear design
  • Clip on style with non-slip
  • Minimizes sound leakage
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable tangle-free storage cord
  • In-line cord clip
  • L-shaped stereo plug
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Cord length: 4 ft
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