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The Sony MDR-E828LP are ear-bud style headphones that are a part of Sony's Fontopia line.

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winding case is convenient, prevents tangles while storing

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treble is smooth, avoids harshness or a tinny sound

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brings out the small details in the music really well, great for re-discovering old music

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feel very comfortable in your ears, no soreness, and they sit lightly

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bass support is tight and detailed, not prone to distortion

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will stay in your ears even when running or biking

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mids aren't bright enough, can sometimes get overwhelmed by the bass and highs

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The Sony MDR-E828LP are ear-bud style headphones that are a part of Sony's Fontopia line. These extremely affordable headphones (under $10) weigh only six grams and fit snuggly in the ear making them a good choice to listen to music while participating in physical activities such as jogging or dancing.  They have a sleek black/silver design giving them a hi-tech look to match virtually any music playing device. They use Neodymium magnets which have more magnetic energy than other typical metals for a power bass and clear treble sound while maintaining a low weight. The silent cap keeps music contained in your ears so you do not disturb others and the Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo circuit uses a sound chamber and ducts for improved efficiency and a high output from your portable device.  The Sony MDR-E828LP come with a compact winding case, ideal for tangle free storage in a pocket or purse.

  • Cord Length (Approx.) : 3.3 ft (1.0m)
  • Headphone Type : Open-air, Dynamic
  • Power Handling Capacity : 50mW
  • Diaphragm : PET
  • Magnet : Neodymium
  • Plug : L-shaped stereo mini plug
  • Headband : None
  • Design : Earbud
  • Type of Use : Portable
  • Frequency Response : 12Hz - 22,000Hz
  • Sensitivity : 108dB/mW
  • Impedance : 16 ohms
  • Driver Unit : 16mm, dome type
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