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The Sony MDR-AS100W are earbud style headphones at the top of Sony's Sports and Active Style line.

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bass is much more full than typical earbuds

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very little noise from the cord itself when it brushes against something

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two-piece cord prevents damage when it gets accidentally tugged

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rest securely on the head without danger of falling, can be worn during workouts

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above average detail in the midrange and treble

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comfortable resting on the head, easy to forget you're wearing them

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need to spend some time getting them properly adjusted, don't just slide into place right away

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The Sony MDR-AS100W are earbud style headphones at the top of Sony's Sports and Active Style line.  The headphones feature a shock absorbing mechanism to prevent noise transfer and are water resistant making them suitable for sports.  They also feature a moisture guard mechanism which pulls sweat away from the ear canal.  The MDR-AS100W have 13.5 mm driver units with Neodymium magnets which combine to provide clear sound and powerful bass.  The are designed with an ultra-light slim band which makes them very lightweight, at only 25 grams (excluding the cord), with a gold-plated straight stereo plug.  They have a 2 ft cord which makes it possible to use them with an arm-band as well as a 2 ft extension cord.  The MDR-AS100W come with a hard carrying case and 3 sizes of earbuds for an adjustable fit.

  • 13.5 mm driver units
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Shock absorbing mechanism
  • Moisture guard mechanism
  • Water resistant
  • Ultra-light slim band
  • Gold plated straight stereo plug
  • Comes with 3 earbud sizes
  • Comes with hard carrying case
  • Frequency response: 8Hz - 25kHz
  • Weight: 25 g (without cord)
  • 2 ft cord for arm-band use + 2 ft extension cord
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05/25/2011 06:19

The little nubbins, rubber thingys, that can and do get lost, where can I find them?

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