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Sony's DR-BT21 is a mid-range set of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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pairing works right away, very easy to do

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battery life is about 2.5 days with heavy use

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sound is very clear and detailed, doesn't loose significant signal due to Bluetooth connection

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Bluetooth has great range, can walk 30 feet away with little loss of signal

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offer a good range of functions for working with the iPhone, very convenient and responsive

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very comfortable fit, don't press against your ears too hard

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some hiss between songs or when no audio is playing

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not very durable, prone to failures within the first year

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Sony's DR-BT21 is a mid-range set of wireless Bluetooth headphones. They feature an around-the head style that makes them suitable for everyday or exercise use, and have remote controls on the earpieces that can control compatible media players. Controls include play, pause, fast forward, rewind and skip. These also include a built-in microphone to allow communication via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.  Sound output is produced with 30mm drivers that have a 14Hz - 24kHz frequency response range. They also have an imbedded rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 11 hours of continuous playback and is charged with a USB cable. Other features include volume control and red LED battery life indicator.

  • Wireless Bluetooth 2.1 headphones
  • 14Hz - 24kHz frequency response
  • Built-in microphone
  • Compatible with Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Rechargeable battery, approximately 11 hours music playback time
  • Battery life indicator
  • 30mm drivers
  • Neodymium magnet
  • Earcup-mounted remote controls (play, pause, FFW, REW, skip, volume)
  • Weight: 65g
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