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The DH500 is an entry-level receiver and is the cheapest in Sony's lineup to offer 5.1 audio.

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good price/performance ratio

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HDMI pass-through is a nice feature for people that don't want to turn on the receiver all the time

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quick speaker setup reduces a lot of the hassle of setting up your speakers

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only one master volume level, receiver doesn't remember volume settings per input

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doesn't support audio over HDMI

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The Sony STR-DH500 is a home theater 5.1 100 watt / channel receiver announced in March 2009 and retails at $199 (same price as 2 channel x 50 watt Onkyo TX-8255). The DH500 is an entry-level receiver and is the cheapest in Sony's lineup to offer 5.1 audio. The lower-end DH100 is a stereo receiver, while the step-up DH700 provides the 7.1 channel audio that is common for mid-range receivers. Intended for a more casual or budget friendly market, the DH500 includes a quick-speaker setup feature which uses the remote's built-in microphone to automatically optimize the speaker levels.

It has HDMI pass-through and 1080/24p capability, it's compatible with the latest HD sources like Blu-ray Disc players, PLAYSTATION and more. It also has access to five HD inputs (96 kHz/32-bit/channel). The STR-DH500 includes the Digital Media Port, which allows users to extend music selection from an iPod, Walkman digital music player, Bluetooth device or from a PC. Interestingly enough, this piece has 5.1 channels at 100 watts/channel, whereas the Onkyo TX-8255 has only 2 channels at 50 watt/channel and is at the same price ($199).  

  • 100W x 5 ( 8 ohms 1kHz 1% THD)
  • Sony Unique Chassis Design
  • 5 HD Inputs (3 Passive HDMI and 2 Component Inputs)
  • HD Film Quality with 24p TRUE CINEMA video signal via HDMI technology
  • Multi Function Audio Port (DIGITAL MEDIA PORT)
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