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It features remote control, 20 FM and 10 AM radio station presets and discrete output transistors.

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Preset capabilities are helpful and easy to configure - great for switching quickly between EQ settings and radio stations

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Functions well within smaller home theater configurations - great for powering personal/bookshelf-style speakers

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"Mega Bass" feature somewhat makes up for the lack of subwoofer support - provides enough low end to satisfy the average listener

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Lacks remote control - users are forced to interact directly with the unit for any and all configurations

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Manual tuning is arduous - navigation speed is slow, and counterintuitive to the rest of the unit

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Minimal amount of inputs severely limits connectivity options - absolute maximum of 2 devices at a time

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Lacks a dedicated subwoofer output - not conducive to fans of Hip Hop/Rap and Techno genres

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Poor overall quality - price point reflects cheap speaker wire connections and weak sound outputting

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The Sony STR-DE185 is a 100 watt per channel home theater A/V receiver that was released in 2002 and as of this writing is no longer manufactured. It features remote control, 20 FM and 10 AM radio station presets and discrete output transistors to deliver the audio instead of lower fidelity integrated circuit 'chips'. Sleep timer can be set between 30 minutes and 2 hours and there is also a Protect Mode which is an automatic function that will turn on to protect the amplifier section and/or speakers in the event of an electrical surge or other electrical problem such as a short in the speaker wire. Four RCA inputs are located on the back for CD player, tape input and video inputs 1 & 2(actually just the audio for those video channels), and there are two RCA outputs as well. Two sets of speaker terminals allow for switching of speakers A and B from the front panel or by remote control, and they can be played simultaneously or individually without any degradation of sound caused by power overload. Also on the back are antennae inputs and an extra AC input so you can plug in another device such as a cd player and it will turn on when you turn on the receiver.

  • 100 Watts X 2 (20Hz - 20kHz @ 8 ohms)
  • Direct access audio tuning with 30 presets
  • Bass and Treble controls with Bass Boost
  • Sleep timer
  • Discrete output transistors
  • Preprogrammed remote control
  • Extra switched outlet on back 120W/1A max
  • 2 analog audio line inputs on RCA / 1 analog line output on RCA
  • 2 analog audio line inputs on RCA (Video 1 & 2) / 1 analog line output on RCA (Video 1)
  • 1/4" headphone jack
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