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The DA4400ES replaces the previous generation Sony STR-DA4300ES ($1000) and Sony STR-DA5300ES ($1700) released the year before.

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6 HDMI inputs

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Video upscaling to 1080p

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High-resolution audio decoding

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2 zones of HD video output

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Xross Media Bar interface (XMB)

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Has pre-outs for all channels for external amps

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A $200 price-drop compared to previous gen DA5300ES

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Low Price for Quantity of Inputs and Video Processing Capabilities

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Assignable inputs

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2nd HD video zone is only component video (not HDMI)

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No support for wireless rear speakers

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Overkill on the number of HDMI inputs

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The Sony STR-DA4400ES ($1500) is the flagship 7.1 a/v receiver model of the STR-DAx400ES series, "Elevated Standard" (ES), product line announced in a June 26, 2008 press release by Sony. The DA4400ES replaces the previous generation Sony STR-DA4300ES ($1000) and Sony STR-DA5300ES ($1700) released the year before. The 4400ES features 120 Watts of power to each of its 7 channels, supports upscaling to 1080p using its built-in Faroudja DCDi chipset, and boasts 6 x HDMI inputs. It uses the Xross Media Bar (XMB) interface found in the PSP and PS3 for onscreen navigation. The lineup is rounded out by the Sony STR-DA3400ES ($1000) and Sony STR-DA2400ES ($800) and they are expected to become available in July 2008.

  • 7.1 channel a/v receiver (ES product line)
  • 1080p Faroudja DCDi upscaling
  • high definition audio decoding (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, dts High Resolution Audio, dts HD-MA)
  • Xross media bar interface (similar to what's found on PS3 and PSP)
  • power: 120 Watts / channel
  • 6 x HDMI inputs
  • price: $1500
  • 3-zones of a/v (2 zones of HD and 1 zone of audio-only)
  • release date: July 2008
Post Review
12/13/2008 04:47

How is the number of HDMI Inputs overkill?! The 2/3-In 1 Out HDMI was THE BIGGEST complaint with consumers! That was MY biggest complaint, too! And whoever wrote that as a con is either ignorant or is in the MINORITY! Dude! COME ON man!

How is that even a con when Sony actually LISTENED TO ITS CONSUMERS?! I want that CON REMOVED! That is IGNORANCE in the WORST POSSIBLE FORM!

08/19/2008 11:10

Wow! The 5300ES and 4400ES look exactly the same on paper. The only difference I could spot in the specs is that the 4400 has "Amplification Relocation", or the ability to reassign the surround channels as second zone, or biamplify the front speakers. The second difference I could see is that Sony is bragging about Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Decoding in the 4400ES.

It looks like they basically just renamed the 5300ES as the 4400ES to me, otherwise.

08/19/2008 10:17

How does this model differ from the 5300ES model? I am buying my first AVR in the next few weeks. I was looking at the 5300ES or the Onkyo 876.

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