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The Handycam HDR-HC9 is the upgrade to Sony's 2007 miniDV camcorder, the HC7.

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HDV is a standard format that all video software recognizes

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Good selection of outputs including USB2.0, Firewire, Component, HDMI

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Plenty of manual controls

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Great video capture quality

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Black design is better than silver

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Internal, automatic lens cover

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smells like flowers

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Better quality compression for MiniDV over solid-state media formats

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Still limited to proprietary Sony accessories

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The Handycam HDR-HC9 is the upgrade to Sony's 2007 miniDV camcorder, the HC7. With this 2008 offering Sony provides minor improvements over the award winning HC7. The camera retains its barrel-shaped form factor that houses the Carl Zeiss lens with 10x optical zoom. HDV footage with a resolution of 1440x1080 is recorded onto the miniDV tapes, standard definition DV footage can also be captured through the menu settings. The HC9 retains the same touch-screen menu based interface and offers a host of manual controls from white balance and infinity focus, to peaking functionality and colored outlining.

  • 10x optical zoom Carl Zeiss lens
  • 3.2MP CMOS sensor
  • up to 1080i video recording
  • miniDV tapes for storage
  • 2.7" LCD touch screen monitor, 211K pixels
  • Internal lens cover mechanism
  • Records video with x.v.Color (need a compatible TV to view)
  • Data ports: USB2.0, Firewire
  • Video ports: Component, S-Video, HDMI
Differences between HC7 and HC9

Body - the HC9 comes in a black color while the HC7 is silver.

Memory stick support - The HC9 supports a memory stick duo capacity of 8GB while the HC7 is limited to 4GB.

USB support - for transferring data the HC9 uses a USB2.0 interface which is significantly faster than the HC7's USB1.1 interface.

Post Review
02/07/2008 02:22

I'm going to tentatively cast my vote for the HDR-HC9 over the Canon HV30, because of 1) the better manual controls, and 2) my fantastic experience with my older miniDV Sony camcorder.

If you are a quality nut, and plan on doing any editing with video software, I would say go for the MiniDV format over the solid-state cameras. Sure, the non-linear format with no moving parts is cool, but it comes at the expense of compression quality. Annoying compression artifacts and incorrect color reproduction is a deal-breaker for me. I'll stick with the MiniDV until mfgrs can sort out that mess.

If anyone can point me (and the community) to some sample footage of the HDR-HC9 vs. the Canon HV30, I would be very interested in seeing it.

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