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It has a full-time fast phase-detection AF which works in still image mode and movie shooting mode.

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tilting and swiveling 3" dsiplay

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integrated GPS receiver for location-tagging of photos

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fits a variety of flash memory: SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo

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up to 10fps shooting at full-res with precise AF tracking

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quick phase-detect AF (no slow contrast-based AF)

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full HD video recording (AVCHD 1080i) with autofocus, stereo audio

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sweep panorama mode (continuous shooting and stitching together; up to 23 MP image size)

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affordable price

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jack for an external microphone

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auto-HDR mode

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ISO 12800 sensitivity

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HDMI (TypeC mini) output for HD viewing

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best electronic viewfinder to date

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face detection technology

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electronic viewfinder: uses more energy and turns off when camera is off, unlike optical viewfinder (drawback of single lens translucent technology)

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AVCHD format for video is not very common

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poor battery life - less than 300 shots per charge

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can't match larger dSLRs in terms of usability, image quality, battery life, etc...

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high price for the majority of consumers who just want a step-up in terms of image quality and speed

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autofocus is too loud for use in video mode without an external microphone

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video is soft and interlaced, not up to the standards one might expect

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The Sony Alpha SLT-A55 (sibling to the Sony Alpha SLT-A33) is not technically a DSLR camera, however, its Single Lens Translucent (SLT) technology puts it into the same class of cameras. It has a full-time fast phase-detection AF which works in still image mode and movie shooting mode. It is built around a 16.2MP sensor that supports full HD video recording and ISO sensitivity up to 12,800. A notable feature of this camera is its integrated GPS sensor for location-tagging of still images. The Alpha SLT-A55 boasts two major improvements over the Alpha SLT-A33, namely: a 16.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor (the SLT-A33 sports a 14.2 megapixel sensor) and the ability to shoot at 10 frames per second (the SLT-A33 shoots at 7 frames per second). Otherwise, the two cameras sport the same features, including Sony's Translucent Mirror Technology and Anti-Dust technology.


The Alpha SLT-A55's 16.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor allows it to capture both high quality images and high definition (1080/60i) video, boasting approximately 4,000 column-parallel analog-to-digital converters. Its Translucent Mirror Technology allows light to pass to both the SLT-A55's image sensor and Phase Detection AF sensor for simultaneous focus and 10 frame per second continuous shooting. Additionally, the Alpha SLT-A55's Anti-Dust technology utilizes a static-free coating on the sensor's low-pass filter as well as vibration which automatically dislodges dust from the sensor for consistently clear images.

  • 16.2 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor
  • Translucent Mirror Technology for fast AF and shooting
  • 15 point auto focus
  • Captures video in 1080/60i AVCHD format, 1080/30p high definition MP4 and standard definition 480/30p MP4
  • 3" LCD display swivels and tilts
  • Eye-Level Electronic Viewfinder
  • 10 frames per second continuous shooting
  • Anti-Dust technology
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11/24/2010 06:54

i have owned this camera for 3 weeks now...the batteries last almost twice as long as what they are stating here and that does not include the few short videos i shot in addition to the 6-700 pics i'm getting from the battery......(i also bought a spare so i am pretty much set for a whole day, not unusual for me to shoot over 1000 pics in one day....)

the video format is strange and i have not taken the time to see how to get them to a MPEG mode/format........

i love this camera.....takes great pics, i can see the results in the EVF without having to squint in the sun...........

other than weird video format, there is nothing to not like........

09/09/2010 06:13

The D90 is definitely a great camera and I love it. I've had it since October 2008 when it came out so now I'm on some 3rd party warranty that I'm not really trusting.

Anyhow, as with any great gear, after a while you develop some wants. The D90 introduced HD recording for DSLRs, so that was definitely a motivating factor, as well as the option to GPS-tag photos. I wish Nikon came out with a worthy D90 successor though, which has 1) the GPS fully integrated and 2) comes with continuous auto-focus for video recording. The latter is not such a big issue if you use the largest aperture as your depth of field will go near nil and refocusing is not as necessary. But it's kind of annoying anyway, and you do want to zoom in and out and enjoy that freedom.... My guess is that such an update to the D90 is not too far away, so you might hold out for that one or get this Sony SLT A55. Looks pretty good!

09/09/2010 04:38

You have the D90? Nice man, amazing camera. I was planning on sniping one after the D7000 release later this month, but maybe this is a better option. The D90 + 18-105 here is about $950, but will probably go down to $850 before they're all gone. I haven't really looked into this camera but it looks really nice for $750, probably all I need in a D90 replacement for much less than the D7000.

09/09/2010 04:25

This camera seems to be the only DSLR with an *integrated* GPS system. I have a Nikon D90 with the optional external GP-1, which works fine - but it's a bit of a hassle, and you have to be very mindful of the cables. It already broke once, and I sent both back to Nikon. They exchanged the interface board on the camera and gave me a new cable to connect to the GP-1, but both was still under warranty. The next time this happens, it won't be free....

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