Sony Ericsson's Zylo is a forthcoming sliding Walkman phone, the 3G counterpart to the Spiro.

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 Sony Ericsson's Zylo is a forthcoming sliding Walkman phone, the 3G counterpart to the Spiro. As a music player, it has 260MB of internal memory expandable to 16GB with a microSD card, and another main feature is that it can play high-quality FLAC files. It also supports the use of third-party headphones with a 3.5 mm jack. Its high-speed connectivity also gives it access to social networking apps, YouTube and Internet browsing, and it also has a GPS receiver for use with Google Maps. Included is a 3.15-megapixel camera with video capture, geotagging and video calling. Screen size is 2.6", and the display slides to reveal the keypad underneath. Other music features include a "music call" feature that adds background music to a phone call, a dance game, and FM radio.

  • Quad-band GSM
  • HSDPA 900/2100
  • 256k color, 2.6" sliding screen
  • GPS receiver
  • 3.15-megapixel camera with video capture
  • Video calling
  • Networking apps
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Walkman music player
  • Track ID app
  • 260MB Internal memory, expandable to 16GB with microSD card (NOT Memory Stick)
  • FM Radio
  • Up to 3.5h talk time per charge
  • Music Call and Music Genie game
  • Plays H-FLAC files
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Sepideh Bozorgi
03/26/2013 08:13

can this phone connect to wifi? please answer me by email ASAP! tnQ

Jayalakshmi Majji
05/27/2011 08:18

hi i bought sony ericsson model no;k450i.cybershort model.block.that is very good model.but now i boutht 5th -04-11.zylo w20.everey time hung and walk man serece no full sound and no clarty.

12/28/2010 01:18

Just bought this phone 2 days ago & the features are good: photo quality, music quality, design & functionality is pretty cool for its economical price. Im just having worry since its a slide phone, FLEX might fail easily (as any other slider phone..I had once but samsung).

Gajendra Patokar
11/23/2010 11:57

i think zylo w 20 is useless & sony ericosson service centre is like a govt. office, damn hell.
I had purchase my mob. aug 2010 after 2 months i face problem of back light after sliding the phone. i launched comalint on 02/11/2010 but stil i dont get any response from service centre

11/02/2010 07:25

Gotta love that product photo.



11/02/2010 11:40

You mean because the cover art photo makes it look like an old school walkman?

09/04/2010 03:53

i think this phone is best 4 those who like there music. it has great sound and the phone overall is good quality i wouldn't recommend it for older children though. overall it is a cool phone for kids into the music :)



02/12/2011 06:45

srivastava: Sony Ericsson Zylo , the Service center, the Helpline, Everything about Sony Ericsson is terrible !!! THE WORST NIGHTMARE I HAVE EVER HAD!!! Never buy Sony Ericsson, If you do i can guarantee Both Mental and Physical Torture!!!

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