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The Sony Ericcson W760i is a phone for music lovers.

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Music-centric design appeals to iPhone fans - incorporates Sony's well-known Walkman interface

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Integrated Sony PC Suite software provides quick one-click internet tethering

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Interactive audio equalizer enables users to create their own mix on the fly - ideal for DJs and audiophiles

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SIM card slot is somewhat faulty - too large for some models to fit correctly

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Dedicated "Call" and "End" keys are largely unnecessary - occupy a large amount of space on the unit's keyboard

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Home screen is prone to freezing - especially frustrating for text and internet browsing applications

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Sluggish menus can be rather frustrating - especially in emergency situations

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The Sony Ericcson W760i is a phone for music lovers. It features FM radio, easy drag-and-drop file transfer for loading music quickly from your computer, and up to 20 hours of music playback time (depending on the network). Music lovers can enjoy their collections via headphones or share them with others via the stereo speakers. Plus, features like TrackID, to identify unknown songs, and SensMe, to create playlists according to mood, are ideal for audiophiles.

The W760i may also appeal to gamers, with its color screen, dedicated gaming keys, and motion sensitivity that lets you turn, swing, and tilt your phone to control the action in the game for a more involved gaming experience.


  • offers both headset and speakers
  • holds up to 950 songs
  • creates playlists according to mood with SensMe application
  • identifies unknown songs with TrackID application
  • allows for easy drag-and-drop file transfer with Media Go application
  • changes tracks with the flick of a wrist when shake control activated
  • rotates screen automatically
  • includes dedicated gaming keys
  • acts as controller for motion gaming
  • includes trial of WayFinder navigation software
  • has built-in sound recorder
  • features e-mail, instant messaging, phone book, calendar, and other commonly needed apps
  • is Bluetooth compatible and has hands-free speakerphone
  • comes in red, black, and silver
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