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The W350i is a flip-style cellular phone from the Sony Ericsson company.

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sound output is reasonably clear and it's easy to understand people at normal volumes

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MegaBass function adds a lot of bass, can get pretty loud

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camera gets sharp and bright pictures in most settings

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sleek, modern looking design that borders on futuristic

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Walkman functionality is fully featured and a pleasure to browse your music with

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at higher volumes the sound gets distorted

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keypad requires some precision, not the easiest to work with

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The W350i is a flip-style cellular phone from the Sony Ericsson company. Aimed primarily at music enthusiasts, this model incorporates Sony's own Walkman music player design to provide users with an array of hardware and software functions. Available in a variety of colors ranging from Electric Black to Graphic White, this model utilizes MegaBass technology for optimal low-end frequency output and includes an interactive music manager that lets users organize their content just the way they like it. A 1.3-megapixel digital camera is available for on-the-go image capture, with a 4x digital zoom for focused pictures. Photos, sound files and text files can be sent to other mobile users directly from the W350i via MMS messaging, with RSS feed synchronization provided as an optional service. Users can also configure direct syncing of contacts, calendars, notes and bookmarks from another cellular device, minimizing complication when switching to a new unit. The phone also feature TrackID song identification software powered by Gracenote, a technology that analyzes incoming sound waves to determine the song title and artist information within seconds. 

  • Available in Electric Black, Hypnotic Black, Ice Blue, Graphic White and Turbo Red colors
  • Sony Walkman music interface
  • MegaBass frequency enhancement
  • Integrated media manager
  • Speakerphone function
  • 1.3-megapixel digital camera with 4x zoom
  • MMS messaging
  • TrackID music recognition software
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