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They model headphones are a mid-grade hands free phone headset designed to work with a plethora of Sony model cell phones.

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headphones can plug into a standard 3.5mm jack if you just want to listen to an MP3 player

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compatible with a wide range of cellphones

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shirt clip keeps the cord out of the way so it doesn't get tangled

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comes with 3 different sized ear buds, can always find something comfortable

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sound quality is ideal for listening to music, good definition through the sound

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call answer button by the mic is convenient and easy to use

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tends to slowly slide out while you're walking due to the balance

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can't be worn while running, falls out right away

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The Sony Ericsson HPM-75 model headphones are a mid-grade hands free phone headset designed to work with a plethora of Sony model cell phones. The HPM-75 model headphones include a convenient call handling button, an integrated microphone, a shirt clip, and full FM antenna support. A standard 3.5mm audio jack allows the HPM-75 headphones to be used with a large list of available phones and has been confirmed to work with other brand cells as normal headphones.

The Sony Ericsson HPM-75 hands-free headset includes additional features such as acoustic sound safety support, a high power handling capacity, equipped neodymium magnet units, three different size silicone ear-buds for added customization, an oxygen-free copper cord, dual channel stereo sound output, and a unique sound-blocking body design for the ear-buds themselves. The aforementioned FM antenna support is provided through a unique technology; the headphone cord can function as a wired antenna for supported phone device models.

  • Mid-grade hands-free headset
  • Sony Ericsson Fast Port support
  • Designed to work with a long list of Sony cell phone models (see supported phones section below)
  • Call handling button for hands-free phone answering
  • Integrated microphone
  • Shirt clip for easy use
  • Unique FM antenna support provided through the headphone cord
  • Standard 3.5mm audio connectivity jack
  • Acoustic sound safety support
  • High power handling capacity
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Separate size silicone ear-bud covers
  • Oxygen-free copper cord
  • Dual channel stereo sound
  • Sound-blocking ear-bud body design
  • Dimensions: 0.0 x 0.0 x 1000.0
  • Weight: 28.0g
  • Available Colors: Black and silver
Supported Sony Ericsson Phone Models

The list of supported phone models is certainly not limited to these specific models and may even include phone models from other brands; however this is the list provided on Sony's official website.

  • Aino
  • C510
  • C702
  • C901
  • C902
  • C903
  • C905
  • F305
  • G502
  • G705
  • G900
  • Jalou
  • Jalou by Dolce and Gabbana
  • K330
  • K550i
  • K660i
  • K770i
  • K850i
  • Naite
  • P1i
  • S312
  • S500i
  • Satio
  • Sony Ericsson Elm
  • Sony Ericsson Hazel
  • T280i
  • T303
  • T700
  • T707
  • T715
  • V640i
  • W200i
  • W205
  • W302
  • W350i
  • W395
  • W508
  • W580i
  • W595
  • W610i
  • W705
  • W715
  • W760i
  • W880i
  • W890i
  • W902
  • W910i
  • W960i
  • W980
  • W995
  • Xperia Pureness
  • Yari
  • Z555i
  • Z750i
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