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It is a Bluetooth headset that has several different features based off technological advancements.

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The manual says 10 meter range (33 feet), but I regularly get 40 or 50 feet easily indoors.

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Links to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. So you can stream music from your PC and still take phone calls from your mobile phone on the same headset very seamlessly. The music is automatically paused for the call and starts back when you hang up. Nice!

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Very good mic performance and noise immunity against background noise.

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Great stereo sound

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Far more features than other BT stereo headsets. The display isn't just a few LCD symbols, it's a full graphic display that can tell you who's calling if you want to upload your contacts to it. (uploading contacts is an easy, seamless process - I didn't even have to pull out the instructions.) You can make calls and hang-up without ever touching your mobile phone.

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Pretty good battery life, especially for its size. And it charges a lot faster than other headsets I've had.

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Did not work very reliably for me when used as a headset for Skype calls on my PC.

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Sometimes did not perform music playback properly for me when simultaneously linked to 2 different Bluetooth audio devices (computer and mobile phone). This was only for music playback from 2 devices; I never had problems with phone calls.

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Nonstandard charging plug means you have to carry this particular device's charger with you on trips. It would be nice to have a mini-USB or micro-USB plug for charging it.

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With a stylish design, the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 is a Bluetooth headset that has several different features based off technological advancements. Part of the HBH-DS Series, the Sony Ericsson device has an OLED display and has the ability to connect to two different devices at once using Multi-point connect. The Auto-Pairing function helps the headset connect faster to mobile phones and the Adaptive Frequency Hopping feature reduces interference from other wireless devices. To further improve the sound, the headset uses Digital Signal Processing-Enhanced audio quality that's clear and loud.

  • OLED display
  • Auto-Pairing
  • Digital Signal Processing-Enhanced audio quality
  • Multi-point connect to two different devices
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping
  • Connect to mobile phones, PDAs and laptops
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05/25/2010 01:04

Purchased this unit about 15 months ago and it performed very well for me. It finally failed after I accidentally pulled one of the earbud wires too hard (so it's now a "mono only" headset... that's why I'm replacing it.)
I am glad it is still on the market. After trying two other stereo Bluetooth headsets, I'm going back to this one.
I tried the Samsung WEP870, which is nice, but it gave unreliable connections to my phone. (Without warning or notice, it garbled my speech to the other caller sometimes.) I also tried the Moto-ROKR and it sounds great for music; just didn't have the noise immunity in the mic that I require for phone conversations.
This Sony, even though it's older, has great stereo sound and great mic performance. It has plenty of battery life for my needs and more features than I use.

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