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Sports Champions is a 2010 sports game featuring support for PlayStation Move controllers.

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respectable graphics - much nicer than comparable Wii titles

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great to play with friends and family - hard to get boring with the personal interaction

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a great showcasing of what the move can do - ideal as a bundled game (much like how Wii Sports was)

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affordable price reflects the basic nature of the game

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some mini-games utilize dual move controllers for ever better simulation and accuracy

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accurate and intuitive controls

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337 prizes for completionists to unlock

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easy to pick up and play - great for people of any age and gaming skill level

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somewhat generic - no personality

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gameplay is straightforward, gets stale with very little variety within each mini-game

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Sports Champions is a 2010 sports game featuring support for PlayStation Move controllers. Players use Move technology to perform actions such as pulling a bow or tossing objects into goal areas. Gameplay consists of six different playable sports from various periods of time. For example, the player can partake in an ancient gladiator duel or a modern game of table tennis. Other sports include volleyball, disc golf, bocce and archery. Users can choose between ten different playable characters, then pick from various gameplay modes including Free Play, Challenge and Championship Cup options. This game has received positive reviews by major publications, with many citing the multiplayer mode and integration with Sony’s motion technology as positives.

  • PlayStation Move compatible
  • 10 playable characters
  • Free Play mode
  • Challenge mode
  • Championship Cup mode
  • Table Tennis, Volleyball sports
  • Gladiator Duel mode
  • Disc golf, Bocce, Archery competitions
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