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Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is the sixth game released as part of the main Ratchet & Clank franchise.

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A large variety of creative weapons

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Gorgeous "Toy Story"-like graphics

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Cool optional platforming sections

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Too many mini-games

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Too easy

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Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is the sixth game released as part of the main Ratchet & Clank franchise, and the first available for the Playstation 3. Just like the other games in the series the game puts you in control of Ratchet as he uses a wide variety of weapons and gadgets to defeat hordes of enemies. Tools of Destruction focuses on the single player aspect of the game, and utilizes more platforming elements. R&C Future also puts you control of Clank, Ratchet's robot sidekick as he discovers his own path and more about himself.


The story takes place in the far future where inter-galactic travel is common place and aliens co-exist with humans and robots. Rachet is a Lombax, the last of his kind, and the story begins as he is attacked by Emperor Percival Tachyon who is looking to wipe them out. Over the course of the game both Ratchet and Clank learn more about their past and origins while taking on their enemies, and saving their friends. The story is presented predominantly through real-time cutscenes using fully voiced dialog.


Tools of Destruction contains many of the same gameplay elements found in earlier R&C games. The series is known for its wide and varied selection of bizarre weaponry, and keeping true to its namesake, Tools of Destruction introduces new weapons of its own. Each of the weapons can be upgraded by spending bolts, the game's collectible currency, and can be further improved the more you use them. Some weapons make use of the Playstation 3's SIXAXIS control, such as the tornado gun which lets you control a tornado by moving the controller around.

Alongside the main gameplay elements of platforming and shooting, Insomniac uses various mini-games spread throughout the levels. Examples of these mini-games include sliding on rails, shooting asteroids in a space ship, and riding a "grav cycle".

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