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Insomniac Games brings back one of its most beloved characters, Ratchet, in RATCHET: DEADLOCKED for the PS2.

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Online multiplayer is varied and endlessly entertaining.

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Ratchet's arsenal is large and inventive, resulting in some satisfying gameplay.

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Continues the evolution of previous titles, resulting in the most action-based Ratchet and Clank yet.

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The odd vehicle-based mission (from hoverbikes to spaceships) keeps things varied and interesting.

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Battles can get ridiculous in a good way--expect battles featuring upwards of 500 enemies.

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Creativity is rewarded, encouraging players to switch up their weapon set depending on the enemy or situation.

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Platforming fans will be disappointed by the lack of any platforming whatsoever (with only a few exceptions).

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Weapon innovation isn't as impressive as in previous titles.

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Ditches the open-world layout of previous games for a more mission-based system.

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Insomniac Games brings back one of its most beloved characters, Ratchet, in RATCHET: DEADLOCKED for the PS2. Although more of the focus is on combat instead of the traditional platform action, Deadlocked still plays similar to the previous RATCHET AND CLANK games. RATCHET: DEADLOCKED begins shortly after the end of RATCHET AND CLANK: Up your Arsenal. The three heroes, Ratchet, Clank, and mechanic Al, have just finished their latest mission when they are captured by galactic villain Gleeman Vox. Vox plans to use the heroes as part of his reality TV arena show, Dreadzone, where heroes are forced to fight each other to the end. The major difference in RATCHET: DEADLOCKED is that Clank is no longer on Ratchet's back. Instead, he will occasionally supply Ratchet with a necessary gadget. This takes out many of the platformer elements of the series, leaving Ratchet to mostly battle his way through the eleven different Dreadzone levels with the help of two combat bots. Gamers can find a number of different weapons and gadgets throughout the game, including the incredibly destructive Harbinger gun. The more Ratchet uses a particular weapon, the more powerful it will become. Several different vehicles are also available. In addition to the main storyline, players can also compete in a number of Dread challenges on each level, complete side tasks, collect skill points, and battle each other in a number of different multiplayer modes. RATCHET: DEADLOCKED has many extras to keep players battling against the evil Vox for hours.

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02/26/2007 11:21

I am a huge fan of Ratchet and Clank, but I wish the games were longer and more difficult. I rented this one and beat it the same day, including upgrading weapons. I've beaten Up Your Arsenal about 15 times.

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