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Features the iconic SackBoy character traversing through a sea of user created levels.

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user created content can be shared online

10 agree

SackBoys are cute, and making them dance is fun

9 agree

You can take other people's machines and use them in your own levels

8 agree

Unprecedented level of creation tools at your disposal

8 agree

A very strong and active community will make some great/beautiful levels

7 agree

Great sound track

5 agree

game won't get boring as fast with the latest-and-greatest levels updated constantly

5 agree

The game's included 20 levels are themselves very well made

5 agree

most advanced physics engine to date

3 agree

Unprecedented character control

2 agree

Amazing art direction

1 agrees

Up to four person co-op multiplayer possible either locally, online, or a mix of both

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PS3 only

6 agree

Some additional downloadable content costs money

5 agree

The 3-level plane switching can be cumbersome

5 agree

Jumping mechanics are floaty

3 agree

A lot of levels start to look and feel the same pretty quickly

3 agree

Bias towards the create side of things at the expense of "play"

1 agrees

Limited to 2D perspective

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cannot download game photos/screenshots to a PC

1 agrees

Limited to recreating 8-bit level games

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LittleBigPlanet is Sony's premier title for the 2008 holiday season and features the iconic SackBoy character traversing through a sea of user created levels. The game is reminiscent of classic 2D platformers similar to the Nintendo Marios, however the levers are composed of physics-based objects that are very similar to their real-world counterparts. An orange looks and acts like an orange, cloth, leather, rock, sponge, wood etc are all materials that act and behave in the same way you expect them to. The main draw to LBP is the level-creation side of things where the game gives you the tools to construct levels, objects and machines to share with the world. LBP breaks new ground in the console realm as the creation tools are more sophisticated than anything found previous, and even surpass games such as Spore. Complicated mechanical machines can be created using a combination of pulleys, gears, pistons and switches that makes the game have more in common with LEGO than Mario.

  • simple controls (jump, and grab)
  • 2D based gameplay
  • customize your character
  • create and share your levels
  • play and modify other people's levels and use their creations in your own levels
  • create your own stickers with the Playstation Eye
  • 4-player co-op, online and offline

Create - LBP's creation side gives you a variety of tools to modify everything from the landscape, to making walking monsters and vehicles. In the beta that released before the game's launch some of the most widely regarded user-creations were a mechanical calculator that could perform simple arithmetic operations, and a pinball machine level. Essentially, the game's tools let you recreate most 2D games from the Atari and original Nintendo with their own physics twist. Each level has its own online scoreboard for competitive aspects, and in your own level you can grant people rewards for reaching certain level thresholds or completing tasks under a certain time.

Play - You can team up with up to 3 other players, either locally on your own PS3 or online to complete the levels. The basic gameplay is relatively simple in the modern era as there are only two buttons, one for jumping and one for "grabbing". It's interacting with the game's physical objects that SackBoy's capabilities are enhanced using launching springs, jetpacks, and other user-created mechanisms to traverse the levels.

Share - Each of the levels you create can be shared with the world at large, and you can play all the world's levels that have been shared. Each person has a limited number of levels that they can publish, with certain creators who get more attention being able to earn more space for more levels. To manage the number of levels being published and find the gems, LBP uses a system similar to many Web 2.0 sites such as YouTube and ProductWiki, using a combination of tagging, rating, and commenting to identify the best levels.

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10/17/2008 07:13

I've been anticipating this game ever since it was first announced in early 2007. I finally got a chance to play the beta last week, and in some ways it surpassed my expectations while in others it fell below.

At first I wasn't too excited by the game because I'm not big on 2D platformers, but after finding out more about it, and seeing what could be accomplished with the tools it all sounded very cool. Then when the beta first came out and people were doing some crazy things, the possibilities really did seem endless. But then... the 2nd day of the beta passed, and the third, and then a week, and it was just one rocket car after another. And then some more complicated stuff started coming out such as a pinball machine, space invaders, etc.

After playing it myself I realized that this game, at heart, is a 2D platfomer. Which is just not for me. And while the create tools do let you make some amazing things, the ultimate potential is simple 2D games such as pinball and space invaders. Furthermore, these are sloppy approximations to the real thing. I've already played all those games, and didn't really like them back then.

But if you're big into the Create, then this game really is the perfect thing for you. LEGO freaks, or connectix freaks will have a ball stitching together gears and pulleys and all that to make some pretty elaborate systems. I just don't have the time, energy or inclination to really dig into the create side of things, and the play side just isn't enough for me.

If I already owned a PS3 I'd still pick the game up, but as it is now, it's not worth buying a PS3 for.

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