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The game takes place over a series of stages that have you accomplishing various objectives.

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Very large scale battles are impressive

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High production qualities

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Impressive music score.

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Impressive details and graphics.

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Motion controls are intuitive

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Mission objectives can be confusing with little direction

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No radar so you aren't sure where to go and there have been complaints about the lock on system used to kill enemies.

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Developer Factor 5 moves on from its Star Wars tradition to bring Lair, a fantasy-based dragon game, exclusive to Sony's Playstation 3. Lair sees you controlling a giant dragon as you battle your country's enemies in the air and on the ground using a wealth of fire and melee attacks. The premise of the game takes place in a fantasy world that is being torn apart by a massive number of volcanoes that are destroying the land and polluting the air. Two rival countries battle over which will take control over the remaining inhabitable areas.

The game takes place over a series of stages that have you accomplishing various objectives. Common to the genre, these objectives usually involve protecting your allies and destroying the enemies. Some levels take place in the midst of giant battles with your dragon and warrior influencing the progression of the overall fight.

Factor 5 makes extensive use out of the SIXAXIS controller using the motion sensing capabilities to handle all of the dragon's flying controls. At the touch of a button the dragon can land on the ground where control moves to the left analog stick. Combat comes in three forms: air-to-air, air-to-ground, and ground-to-ground. In each form of combat both ranged and melee attacks are available.

Ranged attacks take the form of fire balls and other fire attacks using a lock on mechanism. The more fire you shoot out the less powerful the attacks become, so waiting for your power to recharge results in more powerful attacks. In the air close combat attacks result in a mini-game being triggered where you bash the opposing dragon by jolting the controller, killing the enemy using a fancy finishing move.

Originally slated for release in August 2007, Sony delayed Lair to incorporate basic online capabilities in the form of stat tracking leaderboards.

Post Review
08/14/2007 04:01

I listened to some of the music for this game at the PlayStation blog and it is FANTASTIC. It kind of reminded me of music in Star Wars and The Gladiator.

08/05/2007 11:44

Hmmm.. according yo the Play Magazine Reviewer (He gave it 9 out of 10) it seems as if the version Gamepro and EGM (As well as everyone else) played was the preview build that was made shortly after the TGS. This preview build had framerate problems and control problems which might explain the bad review scores (3.75 out of 5 and 5.5 out of 10). They didn't even say those were the preview builds which was cruel IMO. The dude from Play Magazine said he called Factor 5 about this and they said the framerate and the control problem would be fixed in the final build and then this reviewer said he did his review with that in mind. So we will see.

08/03/2007 05:09

It didn't score too well in the latest EGM (an average of around 6.5) and some European reviewers have given less than glowing impressions. It seems that Factor 5 has learned very little in regards to mission design and falls into the same traps as the Rogue Squadron games with unclear objectives and constant interruptions.

08/03/2007 03:31

I don't know about this game. I wanted it at first, but now I am not sure. I guess I'll just wait until Gamespot and IGN give their reviews.

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