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Wirelessly stream your entire music library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations to any room.

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Wirelessly stream your entire music library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations to any room. Place the SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless Hi-Fi System vertically or horizontally, mount it on a wall or hide on a shelf. Set up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music. Control the SONOS PLAY:3 Wireless with free apps for your phone, tablet, and computer.

The PLAY:3 provides pure, clean sound that is perfect for bringing room-filling music to a kitchen, bedroom, office, or just about any room in your home. A bass radiator produces powerful low notes while two mid-range drivers and one tweeter fill out the sound. Go vertical, go horizontal, hide it on a shelf, or mount it on the wall.

Start with any Sonos speaker and start streaming your favorite music. Continue to add as many Sonos speakers as you want throughout your home, wirelessly.

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  • A versatile speaker that can be placed horizontally or vertically, with three custom drivers capable of room-filling sound at any volume
  • Connects directly to your home's Wi-Fi network, no wired connection needed
  • Wirelessly streams your music library and favorite online music services like Spotify and Pandora
  • Control your music with the free Sonos Controller app on your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Start with any Sonos speaker and fill your home with music over time by adding Sonos speakers to other rooms
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Easy to Setup

Step 1

Connect the Sonos PLAY:3 to power

Step 2

Connect to your home WiFi network using the free Sonos App.

Step 3

Add more Sonos wireless speakers and enjoy music in every room in perfect sync.

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Easier than ever wireless, in any situation

PLAY:3 doesn't need a BRIDGE or BOOST to connect to your home WiFi. If you've got great WiFi at home, simply buy any Sonos speaker and set it up on your home WiFi network using the free Sonos app. If your home WiFi network just isn't reliable enough, get the Sonos BRIDGE or BOOST to make sure the music never stops.

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What is Sonos

Wireless HiFi speakers for every room

From the compact PLAY:1 to the TV-compatible PLAYBAR, the Sonos line-up fills any room with crystal clear HiFi sound at any volume. Start in one room and expand all over your house. Play different music in every room or the same song everywhere, in perfect sync.

Rock-solid wireless performance

Buy any Sonos speaker and set it up on your home WiFi using the free Sonos app. Sonos reliably plays music all over the house--on your home WiFi or a dedicated wireless network. The result: unrivaled performance with no skips, delays or drops.

Control with one amazing app

Search, browse and play music in any room with the free Sonos app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Create a playlist on the fly or save it for future listening. Control the volume in each room individually or all together.

Listen to all the music on earth

Enjoy your favorite songs from iTunes. Stream your favorite online music services, like Pandora and Spotify. Tune in to thousands of Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world.

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What's in the Box?

  • Sonos PLAY:3 Compact Wireless Speaker
  • AC Power Cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quickstart Guide
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a Bose person but I want to try these speakers. Should I get a sound bar or a play 3 or 5?

    Depend what you want to use them for, the sound bar is primarily designed for TV viewing, but note there is only an AV optical input which sort of limits its AV use. The sound bar is the only sonos component I don't own so cant comment on the sound quality. As to play 3 or 5, the play 5 will sound better than play 3, but you can get two play 3 and set them up as a stereo pair which will sound better than a play 5, the play five has a handle in the back and designed to be used a a mobile ghetto blaster. ( though you can easily do the same with a play 3 but without the handle) They all are best for back ground music to really get more of a thump you need to add a sonos sub.

  • Does this work with streaming services like Google Music, or does it have to use SONOS software to play only files actually stored on a device?

    Sonos works with many different services like Amazon Cloud Player, Beats Music, Google Play,, Pandora, many internet radio stations, local radio, etc.

  • Bluetooth capable?


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