The SONOS CONNECT brings streaming music to your stereo or home theater.

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The SONOS CONNECT brings streaming music to your stereo or home theater. Setup is easy, and you can play music on the connected speakers alone or throughout your house with Sonos speakers in every room. Wirelessly stream your entire music library and favorite online music services, and control it all with a free app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Transform your stereo or home theater into a music streaming Sonos system. Stream all the music on earth to your stereo with this wireless, easy to set up music player. Play alone, or link to other Sonos music players in your home--and control it from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet.

Enjoy superior audio quality with analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs engineered for premium performance. Optimize sound performance for each room using room-specific bass, treble, balance, and loudness controls, and adjust room volume in groups or individually. CONNECT seamlessly integrates your home theater system and other audio devices into your Sonos Multi-Room Music System.

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  • Turns your stereo or home theater into a music streaming Sonos system
  • Wirelessly play your own music, online music services and Internet radio and expand by adding Sonos to any room in your home
  • Powerful wireless network delivers HiFi sound without dropouts
  • Connects to stereo receiver via optical or RCA cable
  • Sonos App on your smartphone, tablet or PC gives you control of all your music in one place
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  • Add streaming music sources to your stereo, home theater, or a whole-home system.
  • Analog, optical and coaxial digital audio outputs.
  • Control all your music and streaming services from a single app.
  • Uses your WiFi, easy to set up and expand your system over time.
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The smart speaker system

Sonos players combine built-in sensors and smart software to make your listening experience easy. Every product is simple to set up, no technical skills needed. Regular software updates with new features and services make sure your speakers just keep getting smarter, for as long as you own them.

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One app does it all

The free Sonos app gathers all your favorite music and streaming services together in one place. Use your smartphone or tablet to quickly find the songs you love on your streaming services or in your own digital library, then choose the rooms where you want to listen and control all the playback settings on a room-by-room basis.

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All your music, in any room

Enjoy your favorite songs from iTunes. Stream your favorite online music services. Play a different song in each room at the same time. Or one great tune all over the house. With Sonos, everyone enjoys the music they love most, in any room they wish.

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What's Included

  • Power cord
  • Flat Ethernet cable
  • Quickstart Guide
  • 1 RCA stereo audio cable
  • 1 stereo mini to RCA Y-audio cable
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will i need a bridge to connect to a wireless speaker? Or does the Connect allow me to connect to wireless speakers itself?

    Apparently you do not need the bridge anymore. Due to the robustness of modern WIFI networks, the newest software update (as of September 2014) allows for WIFI connection, instead of their proprietary network.

  • If there an audio delay issue between using a receiver/speaker and SONOS Play simultaneously, where sound between rooms overlaps?

    No delays.

  • Will this work with the Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR?

    Yes it will through one of the output ports of the Sonos Connect unit: either optical, Coax, or RCA outputs of Sonos.

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