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The SN-8 Snark Super Tight Chromatic Instrument Tuner provides a solid stay-put clip-on direct connection to your instrument.

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The SN-8 Snark Super Tight Chromatic Instrument Tuner provides a solid stay-put clip-on direct connection to your instrument. Has more precise tuning, and advanced features! Power saving feature: tuner display will dim after 5 seconds of no sound detected. This conserve battery power. Display returns to normal brightness when a note is detected. If no notes are detected for 2 minutes, tuner will shut off.

Improved Full Color visual display with larger improved frequency lines making it an easy read. It can be used in practice or live giging situations. Other features: tap tempo metronome, pitch calibration, and a transpose feature for tuning guitars with capo. Internal vibration sensor detects notes by clipping on directly to instrument.

The Snark only weighs 1.5 ounces with a very expertly made clamp with rubber gripping jaws. The lower jaw hinges allowing it to fit any contour. Snark tuners will clip on and stay to even Ovation with the angled head stock. Also has ball socket on each end of the curved mounting post that connects the clamp to the face. Allows 360 degress maneuvering making the Snark perfectly adjustable for most any situation.

Comes complete with a CR2032 Lithium 3 volt battery. This is the same kind that many computers use for the clock battery. Battery is held in a simple pull out draw behind tuner face. It’s best to tune-up on stage just before you play because the temperature on stage will be a little different than other places in the building. A clip on tuner is fast and you can put the Snark in your pocket as soon as you’re done or leave it on instrument. People will even ask you where they can get one because they are so impressive being so small, convenient, and quick to use. Tuning is easy. To go from one note to the next is very fast, almost instant so it takes less time to tune up. Snark has the transpose feature for perfect tuning with capo in place.

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  • Super Tight Tuning
  • Faster
  • Brighter EZ Read Display
  • Display Rotates 360 degrees
  • Tap Tempo Metronome
  • Pitch Calibration and Transpose Features
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How reliable it is?

    It's reliable and attaches to the scroll very well. The problem with all Snarks is that the little stalk swivel system is fragile. There is a stalk with a ball on each end, inserting into a socket on the back of the tuner and on the top of the attachment clip. Either one of these sockets have little plastic tabs that can be broken pretty easily if you are rough with them. Of the two socket joints, and the one on the back of the tuner itself is the one that tends to break easiest. Aside from that, the tuner will read chords if your double-stops are accurate, and reads fast enough to check your intonation while playing, at least on slower tunes.

  • What is the difference between the SN-8 and SN-2 tuner?

    SN8 is latest deluxe model with tighter grop.

  • Does it work on a cello?

    Yes it does.

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