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Infuse your meats with delicious mesquite, hickory or any other smoked flavor with the Smoke Vault 18”.

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Infuse your meats with delicious mesquite, hickory or any other smoked flavor with the Smoke Vault 18”. This simple system will empower your food with the most appetizing smoked tastes that can’t be experienced any other way. Use the Smoke Vault for a variety of foods from ribs, to salmon and even baked pies or breads. Fully adjustable heat control heat-control dials, three damper valves, and a door thermometer will help you control internal temperatures. Cooking temperatures can vary from 160° F to 400° F. The heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and water pan create smoke and keep your meats moist. If smoking meats is a new way of cooking to you there is no need to worry; cooking tips, ideas, and recipes are included with this smoker to help you get started. Use the Smoke Vault to lock in your favorite flavors.

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  • Two adjustable smoking racks 
  • One jerky smoking rack 
  • Water pan 
  • Heavy gauge steel wood chip tray 
  • Removable porcelain base tray for easy clean up 
  • Three adjustable damper valves; one on top and one on each side 
  • Easy to read door thermometer from 50 to 400 degrees 
  • Convenient matchless snap-ignition 
  • Cooking tips, ideas, and recipes included 
  • Protected burner drum for maximum heat control
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a wireless thermostat for these smokers? NOT for the meat, but for the oven temperature.

    There are a couple. One is the Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set - Maverick ET732. It will do both the meat and the BBQ. The best are made by Thermoworks. One is the Two-Channel Thermocouple with Alarm Model: TW8060. They even have a couple of Bluetooth models that will work with your phone.

  • Does the temperature knob have several adjustments? the last smoker i had would only go to low medium and high.

    It can be adjusted anywhere between low and high just like a gas stove. I have used it as low as 180°, as high as 350° and it can be set to any temp in between. I do recommend either a temp gauge that will take reading at the cooking area, or learn that when the door temp gauge reads 200° , the cooking area is closer to 250°. It's not the cheap temp gauge as much as it is the location.I replaced mine and still get the same results. Once I figured out the difference, it is easy to adjust for.

  • Does the main box come assembled or is it broken down to a smaller package when shipped?

    Main box comes assembled. Just bolt on legs and a few parts.

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