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Shipping and mailing can't get any easier with the Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scale

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Shipping and mailing can't get any easier with the Smart Weigh Digital Postal Scale! Created to combine the latest technology with superior quality that will make your shipping tasks smooth and efficient. This hold feature will automatically lock your weight reading once stable and you can reference back to the original reading long after your weighing session is over. Carry the scale to the heavy package to avoid back strain. Make use of the expandable cord that this scale offers. With a high capacity of 110 lbs, you can place any heavy object on the scale without carrying it. Easy to Read! The scale features a LCD display that can be wall mounted for a clear viewing angle. It has four weighing modes: lb / lb:oz / kg / g. Transform and Simplify your Shipping Tasks!

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  • Shipping Made Easy - The Smart Weigh Digital Shipping Postal Scale was carefully crafted to be strong, and user-friendly. Designed to assist with all your legal, mailing, and postage needs. View the video under the additional photos for complete features.
  • Convenience - Mount the small size digital display on the wall so that you can view readings easily and clearly. The ideal 8" x 8" platform makes it convenient for any weighing task, personal or professional.
  • Easy Access - The expandable cord will make it simple to place the Postal Scale anywhere you want. Features a unique hold function which will lock the weight reading long after you remove the letter or object.
  • Precision - This Postal Scale is uniquely crafted under strict standards for high quality and reliability. The high precision sensors will ensure the most accurate, precise, and consistent weight readings.
  •  An AC adapter is included to ensure that your battery life is preserved.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a weight capacity?

    Yes, 110 lbs.

  • What is the lightest gram measurement the scale will read?

    Roughly 4g.

  • How long is the expandable cord?

    The powercord is only about 3 feet, but if you run it off batteries instead; the coiled cord connecting the display to the scale stretches to 5-6 ft easily.

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