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Aimed at portability, quick setup, and more under bed storage than a regular platform bed.

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Very affordable

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Ideal for students who may have to move several times

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Very easy to assemble

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Smooth machining of the steel eliminates snags or injuries

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Included rubber feet are noisy on wooden floors

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Can be difficult to attach certain head/footboards

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The Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame is a standing bed frame intended to offer more versatility than a standard box spring. This product is aimed at portability, quick setup, and more under bed storage than a regular platform bed. This base requires no tools for setup and has 12 points of contact to support a mattress. It is possible to attach a headboard and footboard, using brackets that are available for separate purchase. This frame stands fourteen inches off the floor, and as it is essentially a metal skeleton style frame, it is possible to store boxes or clothing or other containers underneath. This product is intended as a quick solution for beds that may have to be moved frequently. 

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  • Supports up to 2400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight across the surface of the frame
  • Frame stands 14" off the floor for under-bed storage space
  • No tools required
  • Entirely replaces bed frame and box spring
  • Easy to move and store
  • Available for multiple mattress sizes
  • Matte black finish
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Size Options

  • Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • King
  • California King
  • Twin XL
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect a headboard to the frame?

    You can purchase brackets (2 required per board) to attach those components.

  • What are the dimensions of the queen size frame?

    In fact, you will actually receive two twin size frames if you purchase for a queen mattress.

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