Skydog is, frankly, the best Web monitoring solution I've ever encountered.

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Skydog offers the richest, most comprehensive cloud management over a home network that I've ever tested... This is the ultimate family-friendly router."PC Magazine Editors' Choice

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  • Provides real-time visibility and management of home Internet use, by user and device. Receive text and email notifications to help manage kids' web use. Issue alerts when new devices access the network.
  • Offers robust and flexible parental controls, malware protection, ability to prioritize bandwidth for best performance, and more. A new feature, webRover, lets parents create a curated "playlist" of age-appropriate websites for young children.
  • Setup takes minutes. Skydog can either replace your existing router or pair with an existing router to provide access to Skydog user-based Internet monitoring and management features.
  • Gigabit dual-band wireless router with web-based cloud service that supports an unlimited number of devices.
  • $99 SKYDOG BIRTHDAY SPECIAL. VALID THROUGH WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 2014. CELEBRATE THE ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF SKYDOG BEING FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER, AND BUY SKYDOG AT THE ORIGINAL PRICE OF $99. Regular Amazon sale price is $149. $50 promotion brings effective price to $99. To get this special pricing, enter promotion code SKYDOGBY during checkout. Promotion is valid through 11:59pm PDT, 5/21/2014, and is limited to one (1) unit per household. US only. Promoted product is not valid for resale. $99 birthday special includes three years of Skydog Cloud Service. Amazon's $149 sale price includes the first year of service, plus 2 additional years of service, a $60 value, free. Subsequent years are $30/year.
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Meet Skydog - A Connected Family's Best Friend

Skydog is a first-of-its-kind home networking solution that provides powerful yet simple tools to manage your family's unique Internet lifestyle. Comprised of two complementary parts, a wireless router plus a web app, Skydog lets you customize the Internet access of everyone in your household across all their connected devices. Skydog offers the visibility, flexibility and control needed to manage the wide-ranging demands of today's connected families.

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Monitor Internet activity in real time, from any connected device. Group devices by user to monitor your kids' online habits across all their devices. See what websites are visited and create watchlists by user.

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Select parental control content filters for each child. Create safe Internet portals with webRover. Set weekly schedules, specifying when a user can be online, what websites can be visited, and duration. Receive alerts when limits are met.

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Get text alerts when service is down or guests sign on.
Manage multiple networks from a single app, such as a parent's home or business.

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Create firewalled zones to segregate users and prioritize bandwidth, for home office, guests or streaming video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Skydog distinguish different login/user accounts on a shared/family PC (Windows 7)? I.e., set different limits for different user account on 1 PC?

    In the current version of Skydog, we do not distinguish between different users on a shared PC. However, we understand the need for this and are looking at solutions for one of our next releases. The great thing about Skydog is that we can add features and make updates in the cloud and you will get those new features without having to replace the hardware.

  • Does this filter google or browser image searches?

    No, not without blocking or filtering the actual search engine. This whole concept is a big problem in the filtering world and the search engines have made it hard to filter the images because they do not use a common domain that you can block. The only real workable solution is to use a kid friendly search engine and block the big guys.

  • Does this block searches in images, like if a user searches words like "porn" or "boobs" on any search engine (images)?

    Skydog provides the ability to filter internet content by categories. There are over 100 different categories ranging from security and privacy to violence and pornography. While it will not block an image from appearing in a search engine, as soon as the user tries to go to the site with that image, Skydog will block access to that site. You can also create customized policies which allows the user to add specific sites to either block or always allow access.

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